Women with good figure can try some bold matching methods, and use bold dressing to show the graceful sense of origin, such as shorts or skirts, with short models to present beautiful legs, mature women The hot mom Mei Ting was very bold at the airport this time. The black long cardigan was paired with lace shorts. A pair of charming beautiful legs were really enviable.


Mei Ting’s styling analysis:


Basic color matching -simple and practical


Mei Ting was really thinner. The black long cardigan was paired with lace shorts, and the tofu legs were too old. For a slightly old -fashioned mature woman, if you want to wear the simplest way when you wear, the basic black match is the best choice. For middle -aged women, in the middle -aged women, in the middle -aged women, in the middle -aged women, in the middle -aged women, in the middle -aged women, in the middle -aged women, in the middle -aged women, in the middle -aged women, in the middle -aged women The more simple and monotonous in color matching, the more advanced.

Gunno match -wearing temperament


Mei Ting wore a black gown on her body. The basic color looks very stable. The medium -long cardigan shows enough casual sense in style design. This long version of the long version usually requires the height requirements. Slightly taller. If you are not superior enough, you must choose an open style design. Use an open method to present the height of the waistline to avoid wearing the effect of lowering the height.

Lace shorts -big show beautiful legs

Mei Ting wore a lace element shorts in the lower body. The version of the shorts is a relatively difficult item for many middle -aged women, because this item usually tests the leg shape. Very superior to expose the small shortcomings in the figure. However, when Mei Ting was wearing this black lace shorts, she seemed to have no difficulty at all. A pair of fair tofu legs appeared, which was more charming than the 20 -year -old girl.

The design of the shorts in the corner design is designed with a lace element to present exquisite femininity. When wearing a dark, you can use some lace or hollow design appropriately. The charm can also show the femininity of mature women.

Long Type Chain -Increase the three -dimensional sense

When wearing a darkness, it is easy to show a strong sense or a sense of lightness because the color is too monotonous. If you want to increase the three -dimensional and delicate sense, you can try to match a long necklace like Mei Ting, use long models to use long models, and use long models to use long models. The concave shape of the necklace can also make the overall shape richer.


Analysis of other styling of Mei Ting:

Nude shirt+light pink skirt

Although Mei Ting has reached the age of Dasao, she can be perfectly matched with the perfect HOLD girl style. The nude shirt with a light pink shirt, with a light and clean color matching method to present The sense of gentleness and refreshing, this body is very gentle in color presentation, wearing a full age reduction.

Dark blue suit skirt

Compared to black, the sense of stability and temperament of dark blue are very good. This foundation’s dark color is simple and easy to use. In addition to the sense of fashion, it is also very good in the thin effect. In the design of the skirt, the style of the suit is combined with the sharpness of the suit and the softness of the skirt, which combines the aura and tenderness of the mature woman.

Skin color dress+same color bright face tube top

The light nude color can show a visual gentleness. This long skin color dress is dignified and atmospheric on Mei Ting’s body. The dress design of the collar port on the collar is designed to show sexy charm. The inside is paired with a bright tube top of the same color system, which uses the matching method of the same color to present a sense of harmony. The bright surface design method is used to brighten the skin tone, and it is bright and not shaken.


For middle -aged women who maintain a better figure, they can be bolder appropriately when matching, and use a little proper skin matching method to show their charm.

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