Car aroma

Classified according to the form of aromatherapy:

Liquid aromatherapy: This is formed after mixing essential oils with some volatile perfume solvents. This type of liquid generally contains alcohol.

Qi misty aromatherapy: directly place flavors and essential oils in utensils, and operate atomized discharge through the machine. This type of aromatherapy is intelligent control that can start and stop at any time.

Logging aromatherapy: Cork and cotton line absorb essential oils, and the air -conditioning port volatilizes.

Solid aromatherapy: This is a combination of essential oils with some plastic materials to form a solid balm with fragrance.


Classified according to the use of aromatherapy:

Fragrance of the rear mirror. This is the car aromatherapy on the automotive rearview mirror. The advantage is that the vertical space is used to save space in the car. The disadvantage is that it is easy to interfere with the driver’s attention.

Air conditioning outlet aroma.

This is the aromatherapy at the front air -conditioning outlet.

The advantage is because of the air -conditioning wind,


It can make the car quickly full of aroma;

It does not affect the driver’s driving.

Disadvantages, the use of aromatherapy is faster.

Flat -seat aromatherapy.

This is the aromatherapy placed on the front center console or armrest box.

There is more design space, so the shape is more beautiful. Need to use electricity to expand fragrance.

Car aroma perfume selection

1: The price is less than 20 yuan, don’t use it! Intersection It is better to use this to open the window, ventilation and ventilation and comfort!


About 30 yuan, if the shape is interesting and the brand is reliable, you can try it. However, most of the product quality is yet to be questioned, and you need to choose carefully.

About 50 yuan. Common price of car aromatherapy. Suitable for the choice price of ordinary people commonly used car aromatherapy.

About 100+ yuan. The medium price of car aromatherapy and quality are generally good. You can do more car consumables as commonly used at the appropriate time.

200+ yuan. High -end products in car aromatherapy. The texture of the aroma all day is suitable for people who have a sense of aroma and layers.


2: The fragrance classification of car aromatherapy is similar to other fire -free aromas. You can refer to its classification to consider that the car is a relatively closed and narrow space, and the state of the driver is closely related to driving safety. Therefore Mixed, fresh fragrance, wood and other flavor of the car that tastes more refreshing! And, the taste should be elegant and not strong. The narrow closed space has a strong taste and is easy to cause physical discomfort.