In recent years, we have seen more and more people wearing pearl jewelry from major shows, film and television dramas, and star activities. And not only celebrities and stars like to wear jewelry, but more and more young people around them start wearing pearl jewelry.

Because with the improvement of the domestic jewelry design level, the style of pearls has changed a lot compared to before, and many fashionable styles have appeared. They are gradually accepted by many consumers. The impression of wearing.

Pearl is known as the queen in jewelry. In addition to freshwater beads, the main ones are mainly available


The Philippine Golden Pearl, Australia Ball Ball, Daxi Black Pearl, Akoya Pearl


Essence In addition to the color grading of these pearls, there are differences in particle size, and the corresponding price is between hundreds and tens of thousands. So how do we fashion young girls choose pearl jewelry, which are beautiful and beautiful, and the price is not expensive?


Akoya pearl jewelry:

A large category in the pearl. If the white beads in Australia belong to the queen of the queen, then Akoya Pearl is a small family jasper and the little girl next door. Simple, fashionable, and fresh are the quality of Akoya pearls, which are especially suitable for young women.

Akoya Pearl’s choice:

Akoya pearl particles are relatively small. Generally, the diameter is between 5-8mm. Usually, when wearing earrings, you can choose a single pearl earrings with a diameter of 7-8mm, or a combination style with a diameter of about 5-6mm. The price of these earrings is within hundreds of dollars to two thousand, and the cost is not too high, suitable for most young girls to choose.

Akoya earrings and celebrity celebrities:


Film and television dramas, as well as the cover of fashion magazines, or some stars’ notice conferences, we can often see them wearing pearl earrings. For example, Li Qin, Dili Reba, etc., often see them wearing Akoya pearl earrings.

Akoya necklace:


The single Akoya pearl particles are smaller, and it is not so eye -catching as a necklace. So in general, Akoya Pearl can be worn with other accessories or multiple pearls.


akoya pearl bracelet:


It is also a more popular way of wear. 18K gold is paired with a few Akoya beads, or a half red rope, Akoya strong light powder bubble and K gold and red rope combination. About 1,000.

If Akoya Pearl is a small family jasper fashion and fresh, then Nanyang Golden Pearl is a successful and luxurious and elegant representative.


Nanyang Jinzhu

Because it is mostly produced near the Philippines, it is also known as the Philippine Golden Bead. Golden bead pendants and rings are most suitable for fashionable young women. Of course, according to the size, the degree of golden beads, the degree of gold, and the price of defective levels is also very different.


Gold Pearl Size Selection:

It is recommended that a 30-year-old girl can choose pearls with a diameter of 12-13mm as a pendant, and about 10-11 as a ring or earrings. As long as it is not the best golden beads, the budget within 5000 can be purchased by these size pearl jewelry. As for the generally good single beads with a diameter of 14mm or more, there are more than six or seven, and the particles are slightly larger. It is not specially recommended to wear a 30 -year -old girl.

Golden bead pendant style:

There are two types of pendant pendants: seat inlaid and hanging inlaid. The pendant inlaid is generally larger. Inlaid, some small diamonds are decorated with some small diamonds. The pendant of the hanging model has higher requirements for the quality of pearl nude, but the inlaid style is relatively simple. These two styles have different advantages and can choose according to their preferences.


Golden bead color and gloss choice:

The golden pearl is better for strong gold. In the secondary gold, the light gold is relatively valuable. The luster can reflect the surrounding scenery with strong light. All aspects we need to pay attention to when choosing golden bead jewelry.

Peacock green black pearl:

The black pearls produced in Daxi, in addition to seeing the size and defects, are mainly color choices. For a 30 -year -old girl, I suggest that the black pearls of peacock are given priority. Black pearls of other colors are generally recommended to consider choice over 35 years old.

Australian white beads:

It is whiter and larger than Akoya’s pearls, and the price of large Australian white beads with good quality is more than 5,000 yuan. Of course, the effect of wearing is particularly graceful and luxurious, with temperament, especially the entire series of large white bead necklaces. But for my 30 -year -old girl, there is not much need to choose this large white pearl. The colorful golden beads may be more suitable.


Choice of Pearl Necklace:

Generally speaking, there is a series of pearls of pearls. The 18K gold necklace is paired with the pearl pendant. Young people suggest that the 18K gold necklace is mainly with pearl pendants. If you are beaded, it is recommended to be a small beads. Do not wear a large and noble pearl beads that look luxurious and noble. Which one will be a bit older, it is not as fashionable as a pearl necklace with a single pendant.

Is pearl jewelry brand important?

Intersection In fact, in addition to the Japanese pearl brand Royamoto, which is endorsed by Dili Reba, there is no special brand specially specialized in pearls. There are not many requirements for the brand.