The hotel and restaurant renovate the use of PU wood grain film for construction renovation, because the wood grain film has strong waterproof and pollution resistance, and the use of high temperature resistance can be used in the restaurant to facilitate the maintenance and cleaning work in the later period.


Construction of wood grain film on the surface of the table


1. The dining table is made of double Ouusong board, and then used

Wood grain film


Merit film construction. When sticking to the table desktop, there must be a few processes. First, apply the base oil to the side position of the corner closing position. When tailoring, you must be tidy and then use the hot fan to collect. Ensure that the incision is smooth this way to avoid the problem of broken border in later use.

Restaurant storage cabinet film effect

2. Tableware storage cabinet

PU film

These issues need to be paid attention to during the construction of the film: First of all, the corners are closed. This must be processed flat. Generally, the lower pressure process is used. After the tailoring, use the hot fan to perform heat pressure on the closing position. Water or humidity causes rolling.

PU film film delivery site

3. Decorative lines on the seat of the seat. When using a wooden film film, be sure to ensure the flatness of the sticky surface. The heat bans must be used for heat pressure after the film. Because the decorative lines are relatively thin, generally do not press the cushion inside. We use the hot fan to make the bottom gel and paste noodles more firm.

Seat film

Tip: The film must be used in the restaurant’s film. The case in the figure above is used


Hanhua wood grain film

Essence This type of wood grain film has no harmful gas emissions, has a certain wear resistance, and does not fade for a long time. Even if the hot tableware is placed directly on the surface, it will not produce odor.