The classic A -line denim skirt is simple and very versatile. The unique version is also very wide, and for girls who are relatively fat in the lower body, don’t be too friendly.


Find the appropriate matching method, match the adaptive items, the long legs and slim visual effects are won, and the new world of “thin and high” is opened. How do you match it? Let’s take a look together!


One -word shoulder white shirt+A -line denomina skirt

Wearing a white shirt with a piece of shoulder, the bright color looks very clean. The way of “Xiaolu Xiang shoulders” not only shows sexy, but also shows mature femininity. Moderate dew to make it more sexy and very thin.

With a A -line denim skirt, covering the width and waist system, making the body proportion better. It is simple, generous, refreshing, daily and practical.

One -character floral shirt+A -line denomina skirt

In the spring and summer season, the sweet girls wearing a floral series are soft and cute, and they can also show their personal style. Wearing a floral shirt with bubble sleeves, full of sweet and freshness, very comfortable.

The design of the design of the shoulder is also a little sexy, with a short A -line denim skirt, show long legs. With a small white bag, wearing it is “sweet and spicy”, which is very comfortable and seductive.

Sunscreen white shirt+black camisole+A -character denim skirt

The light and breathable sunscreen white shirt is cool and comfortable on the upper body. Use a simple black and white color matching method to wear a black camisole inner stack. While wearing a layered sense, it is casual and simple and clean.

Such a way of stacking can also solve the small embarrassment of the flesh of the hanging shirt alone, very light and comfortable. With a high -waisted denim skirt with an A -line version, it is thin and tall and waist. It has a relaxed and relaxing feeling, which is very durable.

White T -shirt+A -character denim skirt


Wear a printed white T -shirt, which is different from the simplest solid color white T -shirt with a simple row of letter LOGO design on it. It looks too monotonous.


With a high -waisted A -line denim skirt, the skirt version of the outward is set against, and the high waistline also looks very slender. It is very suitable for daily life.


Mint green shirt+A -character denim skirt

Mint green shirts are tender and faint, looking at the fresh and comfortable and natural atmosphere, it is also very in line with the atmosphere of spring and summer.

Wearing a mint green shirt, the bright light color color lined with a clean and beautiful temperament. Simply paired with a A -line denim skirt, it is also thin and high. I feel full of youthful girls and has the charm of campus wind.

Checked short -sleeved top+A -line denim skirt


Female friends who want to wear retro style are more appropriate to wear a dark -colored A -line denim skirt than the light -colored A -line denim skirt. With a denim skirt with some strong colors, it can be completed quickly and stylish.

Wearing a green checkered short -sleeved top, the classic checkered pattern plus a strong color, it has a retro charm to wear. With a dark blue A -line denim skirt, wearing a pair of small black shoes, exquisite and elegant and retro charm, very chic.

Red and white striped sweater+long A -line denim skirt

The classic red and white striped sweater is simple and generous with a little retro and lazy charm. With a long, dark A -line denim skirt, it is thin and high.

A brown belt is tied to the waist. The combination of the two items is simple and comfortable and lazy. The length of the skirt exceeds the knee, and the dignity is more elegant. With red single shoes, a look has a retro French style charm, which is very temperamental.

White Polo collar sweater+long A -line denim skirt

The material of the knitted sweater is comfortable and soft, while the white feels pure and clean. Wearing a white POLO collar sweater, the upper body shows a gentle and temperament.


With a long A -line denim skirt, the knitted sweater is tied into a skirt to optimize the proportion of the figure, while it is generous and elegant, and it is very mature. The Polo collar design is very youthful. After simply pairing with canvas shoes, we wear a sense of vision of “gentle sister”, which is very simple and generous.


Short denim jacket+long A -line denim skirt

Wear a short denim top with long A -line denim skirt. The method of wearing a denim is full of retro charm and cool and handsome. The simplicity combination of the same color color matching combination is “upper short and long”, which is also very thin and tall.

On small objects, with a brown straw hat and shoulder bag, the color matching of “blue brown” adds a retro. Wearing handsome and refreshing retro charm, eye -catching and fashionable.