Fire water gun is a fire extinguishing tool

Connected to the water belt will spray out

Quick and powerful water flow

Therefore, it has the advantages of long range and large water volume

But many people have such questions

That’s when the fire scene

Why do people hold a fire gun with a fire gun

Isn’t one person and one faster?

Feel a wave by yourself

@Netizen 1:


High -pressure water guns can instantly squeeze human internal organs! Intersection Intersection

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Be careful

@Netizen 3:

This is why the water gun head is 2-3 people.

@Netizen 4:

The water gun pressure is very high, and the elders alone can’t be controlled without training.

Although the level is often slippery, soft

But once it arrives at a high pressure state

That power is huge

Look at this set of data

Fire gun guns are divided into: work pressure::

a) Low-pressure water gun (0.2MPa-1.6MPa)


b) Mid-pressing water gun (> 1.6MPa-2.5MPa)

c) High-pressure water gun (> 2.5MPa-4.0MPa)

1MPa = 10 atmosphere pressure =


米 米 square centimeters

That is


a) Low -pressure water gun (2.1-16.5 kg/cm2);

b) Mid -pressing water gun (> 16.5-25.8 kg/cm2)


c) High -pressure water gun (> 25.8-41.3 kg/cm2)

Our firefighters are in fire extinguishing rescue

Hold a water gun in both hands

Its range is about 20 meters away

If pressurizing

That person is very difficult

So it is done by several firefighters


More proper

Let me introduce it to you


Several common water guns

The sprayed water flow of the DC water gun is a solid column. Its impact and penetrating power are strong. It is mainly used to save ordinary solid material fires. It is one of the most commonly used equipment during fire extinguishing.

DC water gun >>

The water gun has a small reaction force. When it comes to operation, it can adjust the flow and the state of the shot according to the fire extinguishing, which is convenient for streaming the water band distorted knot phenomenon.

Multi -function water gun >>

The air, water, and foam fire extinguishing agents are mixed with each other to form a foam, which is convenient for flames and flammable liquid fires.

Foam gun >>

Isn’t it enjoyable enough?


Firefighters personally take you to know the fire gun gun


But I still want to remind everyone that

Fire high -pressure water gun belongs to fire equipment


Do not use it at will


Open the fire hydrant with water guns without authorization.

Very dangerous and not allowed