Bali yarn scarf is one of the three -dimensional craftsmanship in all crafts scarves. Like our common Bali gauze scarf, they are all printed scarves.Essence


The Bali yarn scarf is very high in the pattern. The Bali yarn scarf patterns made by some factories are not very clear. No matter how beautiful the color matching is, it will make the scarf lose its original light.

Produced by Yueti Textile

Yueti is a professional Bali yarn scarf manufacturer. He has more than 10 years of production experience. The various Bali gauze scarves designed are noticeable in color matching or the patterns.Because Yueti has a professional design team and advanced weaving machines, the quality control of the scarf is very rigorous, to the inspection of the process, and strive to achieve zero sub -products.

On the basis of the original printing technology, Yueti has developed a series of higher -level Bali veil printing scarfs, which is a fashionable cutting -edge manufacturer.