Some clothing is a costume style that must be wore in winter, mainly

Enough warm

, I won’t let myself cool

Essence Sweats, down jackets, cotton jackets, and pants with velvet are all necessary in winter

In the cold winter, even less.

The sweater is one of the more difficult matching clothing in winter, because warm



Generally, it is quite thick. Even if a girl with a good figure may not be able to control, the sweater is not necessarily fat, the right style can also show the vest line, the temperament is very good



Women can also show when wearing sweaters


Learning Ah Sa is not fat and feminine. When Ah Sa is matched with a sweater, he has his own ideas. The style you choose is not very unique, but the method of matching Be more

Features are not fat.

It’s just that in her sweater matching, some of the requirements for body figures are comparison


A Sa is fighting for the Xiuqian Line, and I can’t relax when walking, highlighting the clothing.



Share thin and fashionable wear style of sweater

Fashion style of sweater cardigan

The sweater cardigan is not counting

Very cold weather

When there are indoor, many people like to wear styles, warm and literary.

Courtes as a coat

It is not a versatile style, such as too cool clothing, too bloated clothing, is not suitable for matching


Gray sweater cardigan,

Colors and styles belong to ordinary styles, so when matching, it is not recommended to choose the same low -key and simple style.

After all, the dark style of the sweater cardigan

It is not a young one, the old age is a little old, and it is not fashionable at all.

The matching method of sweater cardigan is very important

Wearing a low -key temperament

Sweater cardigan,

Not recommended to wear

Gray clothing

It is better to have a layered feeling in a dark.


It is paired with white clothing, or it is relatively refreshing

Girl color is also good, ginger

Yellow shirts, light green shirts, light blue shirts, etc. are all right, but still match


The white shirt is more artistic.

Color selection

The style that is not old,

Then your gray sweater cardigan is successful in half. For people with a higher sense of fashion, choose the style.


In order not to be fat, the choice of tops is not recommended

Thick style,

Designs such as shoulder and bubble sleeves are also not good, and the coats can be bloated. A good person with a short shirt, revealing his own vest line, can show his youthful beauty to the greatest extent.


Detailed introduction to sweater cardigan


The gray sweater is not ugly or rustic. The gray sweater is wearing it on its body that can make the gas field more literary retro, but also improves a stable temperament. Compared with the black sweater, the gray sweater is not thin, but it is more suitable for temperament

Women wear.


The long design makes the temperament of the sweater cardigan become

It’s easier,

The large pockets on both sides of the clothes also have the same effect, which are the temperament of the steady color sweater temperament.

A more relaxed design.

What you need to pay attention to when wearing a shirt and sweater will be fat, and the choice of clothing inside is very important. Other sweaters need another one

Dressing skills.

The cardigan needs to choose a thin matching method. The ordinary sweater needs to directly choose a thin style. This matching method is the simplest matching technique of sweaters.

Analysis of other sweater wearing skills


Color cardigan with recommendation

Colored cardigan bottom

The color is white, the pattern is slightly cute, and the effect of the contrasting color makes the sweater more young and eye -catching. Then

When matching

Not only should we pay more attention to the thin effect of clothing, but also the effect of conservative youth must also be considered.

Choose a white collarless shirt in the clothing inside,

And gray suit pants,

It can make your matching more advanced and stable, and the clothing is thin and it is not easy to show fat. It is just for those who are fat, such a matching method is not thin. It is best to pair with a pure black tight shirt and a white jacket more capable.

The matching method of pure white loose sweater

Is the pure white sweater obvious

Fat, we still have to analyze it according to the design of the style. It’s like the fabric of the sweater is not too thick, and it will not wear out

Fluffy effect

This is a relatively not fatter. However, the lower half of the sweater is added with a tight design, then

The temperament is different

, The clothing version becomes relatively round, and it is easy to look fat at the upper body.

At this time, you can show your true body by matching black tight trousers to show your real figure.

Short sweater dressing skills

Choose a short sweater must



You ca n’t choose too fluffy styles, or choose a thinner sweater, which looks more refreshing.

When paired with a short sweater, select

Short clothing will make the gas field more refreshing and younger. Choose smoke pants or tight pants with trousers to prevent


It also highlights the fashionable temperament of short sweaters.