As early as thousands of years ago, ancient medicalists in my country proposed that “the husband who has four o’clock yin and yang, all things are always, the foundation of life and death, and the disaster life, but from it.” The changes in nature are closely related to the phenomenon of nature and the phenomenon of human life. Weather disasters such as heavy rain, floods, cold tide, sandstorms, and hurricanes can seriously affect people’s health. People in poor areas are more fragile than people in rich areas. These factors and other climate changes that have an impact on human health may lead to population migration, and the existence of a large number of refugees will inevitably cause new environment to deteriorate, which greatly increases the types, quantity, quantity of insect media, and accelerate their spread. Ten thousand people died of various disasters caused by various bad weather and climate, of which 95 % occurred in poor countries and poor areas. Therefore, we should understand the climate of the four seasons, and to master various weather changes at any time to prevent diseases and ensure the health of the body.

Whenever spring comes in spring, the temperature has changed from cold, and everything recovers. In order to adapt to the temperature changes in nature, people are anxious to remove the bulky winter clothes, often ignoring the hidden cold killing behind the warmth, the so -called “spring breeze frozen people, not frozen water.” It is easy to be attacked by low temperature and cold wind in spring, causing upper respiratory tract infections, and symptoms such as sore throat, headache, and nasal congestion. In the early spring season, the cold and cold changes were fierce, the temperature difference was large, the meridians were empty, and the evils of the wind and cold entered the facial meridians, which caused the facial meridians to run poorly and blood, which caused “facial paralysis”, also known as “facial nerve palsy”. Due to poor resistance and high blood viscosity, the elderly will cause strong contraction of the vascular blood vessels after cold, the fine arteries spasm, the blood flow becomes slow, the blood vessels are concentrated, the blood vessel pressure increases, and it can easily cause “stroke”. According to statistics, more than 50 % of stroke patients occur in early spring, so they are called “the elderly epidemic disease”. Patients with original liver disease, hypertension, rhinitis, and various skin diseases will also increase or recur in spring.


The motherland’s medicine believes that “the spring gas is through the liver, and the heavens and people correspond to it. Large, sometimes sunny, sometimes rainy, easy to make people’s emotions unstable, and even depression and depression. Therefore, the incidence and recurrence rate of psychosis in spring are significantly higher than other seasons. If you are overwhelmed and worry about day and night, it will affect the function of the liver, which will affect the physiological function of other organs, leading to the breeding and recurrence of the disease. Therefore, spring should be paid attention to mental conditioning, feel comfortable, and avoid anger. Eat the products of warm yang to nourish yang, such as shallots, garlic, leeks are the products that nourish the liver and nourish the yang, spinach spinach liver nourish blood, jujube -like sweetness, nourish the liver and spleen, can often eat and eat more. In spring wind and beauty, people should also go to bed early and get up early, insist on physical exercise, participate in the right amount of physical labor, to stretch the muscles and bones, let the blood and blood, and make people’s spirit conform to the rising qi and comfortable in spring.

The summer is high and rainy, the sunlight is long, the heat is difficult, and the human body is most likely to be attacked by summer heat. There are many high fever, red face, thirst, dry throat, sweating, chest tightness, nausea, and even syncope, which is what people call “heat stroke”. It is characterized by sudden onset, and the condition changes rapidly. At this time, you should immediately apply the icing items to apply the head or oral Dan to relieve it.


We know that too much or too little irradiation of ultraviolet rays will have adverse effects on the human body. If you do not get sunlight for a long time, you can cause diarrhea; excessive irradiation can easily cause damage to the skin and eyes. For example, it is prone to dermatitis or even skin cancer under the strong sunlight. The UV index forecast is aware of the changes in the weather volume, temperature, and humidity of meteorological workers. People should timely understand and master the UV index forecast in time and take corresponding protection measures. The level to level 5 starts to have the impact on the human body from light to heavy. At this time, sunscreen can be applied, a sunshade cap, sunglasses or solar umbrellas. Try not to go out at noon, and try not to move outdoors as much as possible.

In summer, water poisoning should also be prevented. Due to the excessive injury of summer heat, people continue to drink a lot of water. The blood and intercorded liquid in the body will be diluted, the penetration pressure will be reduced, and the water penetrates into the cells. Increased intracranial pressure, causing dizziness and brain bloating, slowing breathing, decelerating heart rate, in severe cases of coma, convulsions, and even life -threatening. Therefore, in the hot season or sweating for a long time, it is necessary to prevent water poisoning. You can put some salt or drink salt soda in drinking water.

The medical medicine believes that in the summer health, the heart is being relieved and full of mind, and the heart can maintain normal heart strength and arrhythmia. Only the blood can run normally in the pulse and the nutritional body. If the heart is insufficient, the blood is deficient, and the pulse is unfavorable, it will inevitably cause poor blood flow. Therefore, in the hottest July to August, due to summer heat, vascular dilation, blood flow increased, and blood pressure rising, it is a season when cerebral thrombosis and cerebral hemorrhage. Therefore, in the summer, people should eat more heat and relieve heat, such as bitter gourd cold, lascivious to lose fire, chrysanthemums can be bitter to clear the wind and heat, mung bean to remove fire and detoxify, as well as various fruits and vegetables to supplement various vitamins. At the same time, you should also pay attention to avoiding the sun and get cold, get up early to exercise, and insist on taking a nap.

The grass and trees are mature in autumn, the summer dampness has gone, and the temperature is getting cold. Due to the large temperature difference between day and night, the lack of moisture in the air, there is a cold and dry climate. Medical in the motherland believes that autumn health is heavy. The sound respiratory function of the lungs directly affects the generation of qi of the whole body. Through the breathing of the lungs, it is constantly refreshing and sucking, and it is new to ensure the normal operation of the human body’s metabolism. If the lungs are ill, it can cause symptoms such as shortness of breathing, chest tightness, and cough.

In the early autumn, there was the heat of summer heat, so the combination of dryness and warmth invaded the human body, the most vulnerable to the body of the body, resulting in the deficiency of yin and the deficiency of yin, dry throat, dry skin, dry skin, hair drying, and dry hair, hair loss, and dryness, and dry hair and dryness. Short urination, dry stools and other symptoms. There are cold air in the late autumn, and the combination of dryness and cold evil invades the human body. Sometimes it is also seen that it is difficult to cough and less sputum or sputum. In the late autumn and October, due to the temperature to cooling from the heat, the vascular pressure fluctuated, it became a season of critical diseases such as hypertension and cerebral hemorrhage. Therefore, people can eat more foods that are cool and clear, and moisturize the lungs in the fall, such as lily flavor and slightly cold. At the same time, we must keep my spiritual relief, not in a hurry or dry, and get up early and get up early to maintain the body in accordance with the changes in the autumn climate.


Cold air in winter is frequent, the climate is dry and cold, and people are most likely to be attacked by cold evil. The most common are frostbite, frostbite, arthritis, etc. Because people in the northern region use heating for a long time, it is prone to dry skin or inflammation of the corners. After the snow is reflected into the eyes in winter, the light, tears, and tingling sensation will appear, which is “snow blindness”. Due to the excessive temperature difference between indoor and outdoor in winter, it is a season of influenza. Because cold can cause qi and blood to stagnate and the blood veins are not running smoothly, from January to February, it is often a period of high incidence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, such as myocardial infarction and cerebral thrombosis. Therefore, people should avoid the cold in the cold winter, get up early and get up early, conform to the laws of winter climate change, and avoid many accidents. You can eat more warm supplements in your diet, such as wolfberry and soup, which has the effects of nourishing yin and nourishing blood, and replenishing the gods.

In short, from the warm spring to the hot summer, from the cool autumn to the cold winter, the four seasons of climate and changing weather are directly or indirectly impact on people’s lives and health. Therefore, people should grasp and understand weather changes and various meteorological indexes in time, especially the dressing index, human comfort index, and ultraviolet index forecast, in order to better conform to temperature changes. , Avoid the occurrence of various diseases. (Source: Meteorological Knowledge Picture Source Baidu Search)

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