Chutian Metropolis Daily (Reporter He Junjie Mingjie Photography Huang Shifeng Correspondent Cai Xiaoyu, Hu Qing Mi Li Min Chen Xiaojuan) Mother Huang, who lives in Hanyang, is very distressed. Her son is only 10 years old, but he has a pair of 42 yards. shoe. “I feel that I have to buy shoes for my children for half a year, and my feet are too fast.” “My child in the fifth grade, I have wearing a shoe code with me, it is estimated that it will grow.” Is it long? “… Recently, many parents of Wuhan primary schools reported to the Chutian Metropolis Daily that they felt that the child was much bigger than his childhood. The young children’s shoes on the market have become more adults when they reach 36 yards. Some parents have to bring big feet dolls to buy shoes at adult sports shoe cabinets.

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There are “big feet dolls” at home, parents buy shoes and diligence

Huang Tianshun is a student in Dicai Primary School 4 (5) in Hanyang District. He is a member of the school’s football team. He is 10 years old and is 160 cm tall. He wears 42 -yard shoes. Yesterday, Huang Tianshun’s mother always laughed in an interview with reporters, “Our whole family is strange why the children’s feet are so big now.” She and her husband’s shoe code are normal, 39 yards and 42 yards, respectively. Essence Today, in order to make the children’s shoes as much as possible for 2 months, she bought a large size, first put on the insoles, and then disassembled the insoles for a few months.

“My son wears a big shoes, and he is very distressed.” Last year, the school football team engaged in activities and uniformly purchased shoes. There was no code for Huang Tianshun. He could only wear his own shoes to participate in the event. The child and grandma once laughed and said, “You have too fast your feet, and you do n’t wear shoes when you are old.” The child believes that it is true. For a while, I asked my mother, “I have no shoes to wear when I grow up.”

“I wear 37 yards shoes, my husband wears 40 yards, and the children are bigger than us.” Yesterday, Ms. Zhang helplessly heel a reporter that her son Xiaoyu (pseudonym) was 10 years old this year. , But wearing 41 yards shoes. Last summer, Ms. Zhang bought a pair of more than 600 yuan of Nike sneakers while discounting. At that time, the child’s feet were wearing 39 yards of shoes. She specially bought a yard deliberately, but did not expect to buy it just right. “As soon as I took it out this year, he couldn’t wear it anymore. The shoes were basically brand new.” She felt that after the child was in the fourth grade, the shoes were bought diligently. I could wear shoes for a year or two. Buy new ones.

“My shoes can’t be worn, and my mother will give a cousin who reads the first grade. She is less than one meter tall and her feet are smaller than me.” Xiao Xuan (pseudonym) who lives in Huaqiao, Hankou is reading in the fifth grade. 152 cm, but wearing 38 yards of shoes. “Many girls in our class are 36 yards and 37 yards. Mom always worried that my feet will grow again and may only buy men’s shoes.”


Half of children’s shoe codes are larger than universal age shoe codes

The reporter randomly selected one class in the fourth, fifth, and sixth grades in the Wuhan Yuesai Experimental Elementary School in Hanyang District and the Wuhan Yuesai Experimental Primary School in Hanyang District. A total of 273 students were conducted for investigation. The results showed that more than half of the students’ shoe codes were larger than the age shoe codes on the market. According to the age shoe code comparison table in the market: the shoe code of the 10 -year -old child is 34/36 (female/man); the shoe code corresponding to the 11 -year -old child is 35/37 (female/man); 12 years old The corresponding shoe code of the child is 36/38 (female/male). According to the statistics of the reporter, in the fourth grade of the survey, 26 girls wearing 34 -yards of shoes among 43 girls, 33 of the 50 boys wearing 36 -yards shoes, of which 41 yards are the largest. 154 cm tall; in the fifth grade class, 45 girls wearing 35 yards of shoes have 41 people, 29 of 42 boys wearing 37 yards shoe; in the sixth grade class, 40 girls wearing more than 36 yards or more of girls in the sixth grade class There are 22 people, the largest of which wearing 40 yards and 166 cm tall; 28 of the 53 boys wearing 38 yards shoes, the largest of which is 42 yards and 167 cm tall. The reporter found that, correspondingly, the height of students is not strict with the size of the feet. For example, according to the standard table of children in my country, the height of the fourth -year boys should be 140.2 cm, but among the fourth -year boys who have been investigated, 28 are more than 140 cm tall. Essence

Speaking of the current child’s shoe code becomes larger, Xiong Guozhen, the sports team leader of the virtue elementary school, who has been engaged in sports teaching for more than 20 years. “In the past, rarely wearing 40 yards of shoes in elementary school students. Now there are several in the school track and field teams.” When the school organized a unified purchase of shoes, she had to verify more than 40 yards of shoes before. It’s not surprising to see.


The cost of buying shoes in the family is increased, and the size of children’s shoes is becoming larger

“Now the children are generally high, and the shoe code is larger.” Rao Hui, the head of the class 4 (2), the class teacher of Wuhan Yucai Experimental Primary School, noticed that the children in the class rarely wear adorable children’s shoes, whether boys or girls, girls, girls, girls, girls, girls Most of them are mainly sneakers and sports shoes to facilitate class activities and physical education classes. “Many boys wear 38 -yards and 39 yards. Adult men’s shoes are too mature. Many boys buy large size sports women’s shoes to wear. They look relatively neutral, regardless of men and women.”


Huang Tianshun’s mother recalled that her son has been large from small feet, but the frequency of changing shoes was similar to ordinary children. In the past year, the height has risen, and the shoe code has also changed greatly. Generally, it will have a code for three months. The new shoes bought this year can not be put on. She calculated a account for reporters. Because her son kicked football, the shoes were damaged faster, and the cheapest football shoes should be two or three hundred yuan. Usually, at least 2 to 3 pairs of shoes are changed. 10 pairs of shoes, spending more than 2,000 yuan. “Many shoes are small just a few times, and it is a pity to lose it. It takes a position at home.”


Ms. Zhang always picked up Xiaoyu’s children’s shoes to wear it. Later, she couldn’t buy the shoes. After buying the largest 39 yard of sports brand children’s shoes the year before, she could only go to adult sports shoe cabinets. “We are now rising once every six months, and we have to buy wide -selling shoes.” Xiaoyu’s feet are wide and thick back. Many adult sports shoes are thin in front of them. We can only buy a big size to put on it. “Children’s shoes are cheaper than adult shoes, and a little brand of shoes is hundreds of shoes. At least 6 pairs of good shoes were bought in the past year, and now two or three pairs are available, try to take care of several seasons.”

The reporter saw in a brand of children’s shoes. Children’s shoes are generally divided into children, Chinese princes, and men and women. The biggest shoes of men and women are generally 37 yards. Occasionally, some slightly more adult styles will grow a little. There is a neutral single -shoes. It will stick a few cute little flowers on the upper below 35 yards. It looks like children’s shoes, and 36 yards are net noodles. “More than ten years ago, men and girls’ shoes were all 35 yards. Now no longer, children with 6 -year -olds have wearing 33 yards. In recent years, manufacturers have also adjusted, boys’ shoes have achieved the maximum 42 yards, and girls’ shoes have achieved the maximum. 39 yards. “Ms. Liu, a salesperson, told reporters that there are very few styles of boys’ shoes with 40 yards or above, and they must make an appointment in advance.


The feet are about development and inheritance, experts don’t recommend wearing small shoes

Some parents believe that the child’s activity is now large, and he always loves to wear loose sneakers, which leads to bigger feet.

In the past 11 years, Chen Long, a physical education teacher from Shenyang Road Primary School in Jiang’an District, Wuhan City, also noticed that the child’s feet are now too large, but he believes that this is not necessarily related to the amount of sports. “I have been track and field athletes since I was a child. When I graduated from elementary school, I had 37 yards. Now I am 182 cm tall. I wear 40 yards shoes. The athletes related to running are not too big, because the larger the feet, the large area is also large. When the feet are sticking to the ground, it is not fast. “He said that the current children are generally much higher than in the past. The size of the feet should be directly proportional to the development of the bones, and the children with tall children will be relatively large.

“Son in the sixth grade is 43 yards, and now the first year is 44.5 yards. The large size shoes are too difficult to meet. You can only make an appointment to pick up or find it online. You may only be customized in the future.” When things are young, the most troublesome thing for parents is that her husband is big and big, will the children’s feet be bigger? Will you grow your feet?

Tao Shengxiang, chief physician of the Department of Orthopedics of Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University, said that long feet are not long and have no exact basis, and the development of the limb is related to factors such as genetic, nutrition, and exercise. In recent years, with the improvement of living standards, the average height of adolescents has increased a lot, and the height is proportional to the feet. Especially now that food is nutritious and high -protein, some contain growth hormones, which may stimulate children’s growth and development. In addition, the child’s feet must also consider genetic factors. The parents’ hands are big and the child will have an impact.

Tao Shengxiang introduced that the bone development of the feet is divided into multiple stages. Children and adolescents are not only in length, width, and stability ligament. Sometimes they may be unbalanced in a short -term proportion, but not too large. “If the hands and feet are too outrageous, there is a possibility of diseases such as limb hyperamsia, it is recommended to go to the hospital for further examination.”


“Once the child proposes the tight shoes and the tenderness, you need to change the shoes of the appropriate size size. The most basic thing is that it does not affect the blood circulation in the normal development process.” Tao Shengxiang does not advocate the growth of the feet by wearing small shoes. Getting bigger and not smaller. Generally, when children go to junior high school, children’s development will gradually become slower. Excessive or too small shoes will not be conducive to maturity of their feet. When boys are 22 years old and girls reach the age of 18, the size of their feet will basically be shaped.