Plel pants refer to pants with fluff design inside, which can be cotton or colorful cotton, and some with velvet pants will choose lamb hair as the inner lining, which is thicker and warm. If you want to ask if you want to add velvet pants


In the case, the pants can be worn between -10 ℃ ~ 5 ℃ depending on the thickness.

Plel pants can be divided into thick and thin models. Thickening with velvet pants can resist the temperature of about ten degrees below zero. When I was around, I didn’t feel sultry.


Classification of velvet pants: Plel pants can be divided into add pants, velvet casual pants, velvet sports pants, and velvet leggings also contain the light leg artifact we often call.


Plove jeans, velvet casual pants, and velvet sports pants are all pants that can be worn outside, and both men and women can choose. Choose a lot of men to pursue fashion and unwilling to wear autumn pants. In the cold autumn and winter seasons, it is enough to wear a pair of velvet pants.


Of course, with velvet leggings and light leg artifacts, it is mainly aimed at women’s items. So what problems do we need to pay attention to when wearing velvet leggings or light leg artifacts? And how to wear this kind of velvet leggings to be more delicate and elegant?


Let ’s share with you a few fashionable and beautiful matching look, hoping to help more beautiful babies.


The handsome leather jacket, with pure white loose T -shirt, has a casual and windy feeling. This kind of dress is handsome and eye -catching, and walking on the street is also very eye -catching. Especially the matching of the thick Martin boots is particularly colorful, and the overall shape is handsome. Especially the metal zipper, the combination of leather fabric is perfectly seamless. The delicate and tight black velvet leggings are enough to deal with the temperature in spring. This seemingly thin and thin dress will not make people feel cold at all.


The dressing goddess Fan is naturally modern and fashionable. The slim suit jacket is even more outstanding in color matching and design. Not only can you modify more slender waist, but also make the whole person’s body line more handsome. Especially the waist is equipped with the modification of the metal chain, which is particularly eye -catching. A pair of black velvet leggings to modify more slender and long beautiful legs. The combination of square boots is also a more fashionable and foreign style.


The girl Fan is full of dress, even if it is against a large area of ​​black, it will not make people feel boring. Especially this rhombus sweater is delicate and gentle, and at the same time, the design is also sufficient. With a slim high -waisted plaid skirt, it optimizes the perfect three -seven ratio. This kind of wear, with a pair of black velvet leggings, is also very fashionable and exquisite.

In the early spring season, light leg artifacts are also more popular. In fact, the light leg artifact is also a type of pants. It only uses the shape that is closer to the skin color. It visually has a light leg feeling. It is like wearing it on the leg. The style of the whole person is also very delicate and sweet. With a high -waisted pleated skirt, the overall style is more gentle and romantic.

Skin color and velvet leggings are more liked by some young girls. In the early spring season, casually paired with a bright -colored sweater, the beauty of the girl is glowing. You can combine shorts, and you can match the pleated skirt, which can modify the leg shape and look more out of temperament. Whether it is soundtrack shoes, short boots, sneakers, Oxford shoes, small white shoes, it will not make mistakes.

Well, the above is the fashion information shared by Xiao Crazy today. Now do you know how much is it suitable to wear with velvet pants? I will share the knowledge of fashion trends every day, please pay attention! (Original text, picture source network. If there is any infringement, please contact it.)

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