: It was a cold night. Under the floor lamp, he was lying alone and read Mr. Yang’s “We”.

In fact, I read this book ten years ago. I didn’t feel much at first, I just felt comfortable. It is like Lajia.

We are, in fact, we are more than we 其实

People, always continue to experience, and then change. For us ten years, it is a long process for us.


I was too strong, and my tears broke my chest. Just hearing it, a bunch of blurred flesh and blood was dropped on the underground stone chips. The cold wind on the face was poured directly into the hole in my chest. I couldn’t bear it. I crouched down and kneading the bloody things into a ball into my chest. Fortunately, I had a lot of blood and washed the dirty dirt. I hurriedly cracked in one hand, and the other hand was pressed on it to protect it. I felt disgusting and dizzy. I was afraid that I fell on the post road, stunned, and ran back to the inn.

Destiny daughter -in -law


: When I first started reading, although my heart was in my heart, I could bear it. Just like Murakami Haruki taught us,

They are already adults, and learn to be calm.

So his eyes were red and red. Take a deep breath, take a breath, and then read it down.

When I read Yang Yan’s description of Qian Yan’s heartbreak and heartache to the apex, I still had to support it, because when Qian Zhongshu still needed to take care of her in the hospital, I couldn’t bear it anymore. As soon as he lost, he cried and sobbed.

The name of the name

Many people say Yang Yan’s text “

Sorrow without hurting

“How can you not hurt, sad, your body cracks, and blood flows into a river.

Parents who understand this mood most, the unparalleled pain and sorrow of the beloved child will always leave themselves.

At that time, Qian Zhongshu was hospitalized, and his illness was hopeless.

Their only her loved daughter, Qian Qian, was also very guilty to their parents, nostalgic, and was very reluctant. But how can it stop the footsteps of death, and finally go to them first.

“Mom, you have a daughter before, she is useless now.” Qian Yan said before his birth.

But the sadness in Yang Yan’s words is only here. Since then, it has never been revealed.

This text is the most wanton venting in the book “We”, and she uses a metaphor.

The biggest pain in life is to watch and feel the dear and loved ones around you, leave you step by step, leaving you forever, but you are powerless.

Husband died

: In the second year, Qian Zhongshu left.

At this time, Yang Yan had already dried up, or they had already been in their hearts and said goodbye to thousands of times.

Qian Zhongshu said weakly: ,, good. Yang Yan nodded and kissed him gently on his forehead.

Yang Yan said, they are all gone, and the silence (Qian Zhongshu’s number) wants me

Live well


I helped them clean the scene and clean up. She silently sorted out the precious notes of Qian Zhongshu, and she really achieved “

The deceased is like a life, and the life is worthy

They have relying on sixty years and warm for sixty years. Sixty years of habits and love, as early as a trickle, incorporate blood, bone marrow, remember to mind.


Today, this precious memory can only slowly digest and bear it alone.

After they left, Yang Yan lived alone for 18 years. The long night of the 18 years was stretched infinitely by endless loneliness and infinite thoughts.

We are inevitable, there are all day old

Mother’s death

: The first tearing of blood in Yang Yan’s life was the death of his mother. At that time, she was still studying in the UK and had just given birth to money.

After my own mother, I lost my mother for half a year. As the saying goes, ‘Daughter is a mother, it’ s a mother ’s grace.’. Although I tasted the hardship of being a mother, I did not report my mother. “


On that period in the United Kingdom, Yang Yan often thought that she could not accompany her mother and filial piety for her. Essence

This is the first time I have encountered in my life. I do n’t know how good the sadness is. I only cry and cry. Zhong Shubai persuaded, and I resisted it fiercely. I still remember the sadness at that time. But I didn’t realize that sadness could cry, and Zhong Shu was so comfortable. How happy I was at that time.

If you can cry freely, and the people around you are so comfortable, you will know how happy and luxurious things that are afterwards.

No matter how sad, if anyone has pity, it will not feel too bitter.

Qian Qian who returned from studying abroad and making good food for parents

Really bitter

: Qian Zhongshu and Qian Yue disease resume different hospitals. Yang Yan was scattered. The 86 -year -old old man ran between home and the hospital every day and took care of Qian Zhongshu.

At night, he dragged his exhaustion to an extreme body, threw herself into the bed, and called the daughter who was ill. One heart was pulled like this.


At that time, the loneliness and helplessness could not talk to anyone. It is so painful that you are unwilling to face it. She could only watch her only her daughter go first, and then looked at Qian Zhongshu to let people go.

This is really bitter. After many years of writing, the description of this paragraph is still false and real, and he can’t bear to face it.

The reason for writing “We 的”:

This book

The opening was a dream, and Qian Zhongshu was fading and dispersed.

Yang Yan was anxious, looking around, and said that he could go home with him.


Life is the process of keeping farewell

However, what is home, home is where family members are together.

“We” lost, and the warm home in the past became the inn in the journey. It was no longer warm, but it was cold and lonely.

Without a family’s home, you can’t be called home.

The good things in the world are not firm, and Caiyun is easy to disperse.

From then on, there is no “we.”.

I am alone, miss us ,

Essence Yang Yan wrote a painful but warm memory alone.

They originally made an appointment, and this book was written by them. Qian Zhong wrote their mother and daughter, Yang Yan wrote their father and daughter, and Qian Yan wrote her parents.

Qian Qian on the bed started to write first.

She couldn’t get up and couldn’t sit straight. I can only lie down to let the nurse fix the book, and I have a hard time to remember the naughty memory of my father.

Soon the money was let go, and fell asleep in Yang Yan’s arms, leaving an unfinished “We”.

At that time

The pain of the white -haired man with a black -haired man, with tears and blood, Yang Yan packed himself alone, swallowed and peeled, and did not dare to tell Qian Zhongshu that he supported the pain on the bed.

Qian Zhongshu seemed to know what, I couldn’t bear to die with Yang Yan immediately, and wanted to send Yang Yan slowly for a journey.

I do n’t know who gave it to who, and I do n’t know whether it is cruel or pity. Yang Yan has been unable to distinguish it.

Yang Yan, who has always been realistic and calm, faced with the big crickets five or six years ago, although she can write memories, she still cannot face it. She adopted a dreamy and hazy writing to explain her running and sadness during the hospitalization of the two of them. Essence

Inn, station, boat. She kept running.

The so -called ship is the hospital where Qian Zhongshu lives. The inn is the home without family members. The station is a journey that is dripping away.

I also like adventure. Occasionally I saw that day. Just think of the station that Mr.


: Hurrying in the world, repeating the continuous farewell journey every day.

Life is only a century,

We always feel that our parents will always shelter us and cover the wind and rain for us; love people will never give up, and accompany us; children will always walk around their knees and travel not far; friends will support all the way without losing.

But in fact, we and them are both away. We don’t know which intersection, we will go away and lose until we never see it again.

The memories are a river, a river that slowly passes and slowly washed memories.

Only by cherishing the present, trying to grasp the present, and love to care for everyone around them, everything can be regretful at any time in the future.

Years are like a river

@三 玥 玥 三

The family of three Qian Zhongshu is a scholar who is not fame and fortune. Reading is their most common daily life, and they really do the matter of reading. Except for the most basic survival, reading is above anything.


The cradle of Grandma is the desk drawer, and she can see her parents who read silently in desk.

When they could sit at first, they gave her a big book, and she learned them and draws them in the book.

The world is your own, it has nothing to do with others

Essence Only people who are truly transparent can be quiet and safe.

That’s why Yang Yan said:


There will be no simple happiness in the world. Happiness is always mixed with trouble and anxiety, and there is no forever in the world.

We are all passengers. Why be demanding, demanding yourself, demanding others, demanding this world.

Life is short, and it is a new year in a blink of an eye. Only cherish and cherish everything.


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