Xu Ting, a reporter from Dalian News Media Group

This newspaper “Thank you for helping me find the bag. I didn’t expect my wallet to lose and recovered …” On April 17th, Master Liu, a cleaners of Lushun Sakura Garden, picked up a lady’s handbag while cleaning the cherry blossom garden tour area. In the end, the administrator of the scenic spot quickly looked for the owner through broadcasting, and returned the handbag to Ms. Wang.

At 10:30 am on the 17th, Master Liu cleaned the cherry blossom garden tour area, and found a lady’s handbag under the cherry tree. After getting the bag, I found the owner nearby, but did not find it. Go to the tourist service center. “Open the handbag under the monitoring video of the service area and find that there are 2,000 yuan in cash in the bag, as well as bank cards and other items.” Master Liu told reporters that he felt that the owner was definitely anxious and would definitely come back to find it. So, he immediately contacted the leaders of the scenic spot and played information in the scenic area with broadcasting in the scenic area to find the owner. In the end, Ms. Wang rushed to the service area after hearing the radio. After confirming with the staff, Master Liu returned the handbag to Ms. Wang. After getting the lost bag, Ms. Wang thanked: “It’s so lucky. There are many of my documents in this bag. If you really can’t find it, you can only make up for it, which is too troublesome.”

After understanding, Ms. Wang’s packets are worth more than 10,000, plus the cash and various items in the bag, the value is nearly 20,000. At that time, Ms. Wang watched the cherry blossoms in the tour area, and was anxious to leave the bag for a while. When the reaction came, she couldn’t remember where they were thrown. When they were anxious, when they were at a loss, she heard the broadcast of the park, and Ms. Wang was loose. Tone.