Unconsciously, we are about to spend the first month of 2022. Every new year, major websites will be full of trendy vocabulary that is commonplace, but in fact, in order to catch up with the trend, most women are happy to go in the new year. Cost up this fashion item.


So what is the popular popular items that have attracted much attention this year? This is this “lapel sweater”! This item looks very trendy, but it has already existed for a long time. The rolling sweater was pushed by many bloggers. It was fashionable when wearing fashion, and the effect of modifying the figure was excellent.

The practicality and utilization rate of queue sweaters can be very high. Whether it is matched with a skirt or wide -leg pants, it can wear a sense of fashion. Western style is thin and feminine. It is a must -have for 2022 New Year! Today, I will give you the magic of the lapel sweater from the following two aspects, which can make it a season trend item. It doesn’t look like it looks!


1. Selection of the style of lapel sweater

①: Pure color

The solid color lapel sweater is a basic model. You can wear simple and stylish effects at will, and it is full of high -level sense. In winter, a simple solid color sweater can often give people a clean and simple sense of softness. It is comfortable and resistant to wear on the body, which is very suitable for daily wear.

In the choice of solid color sweater, you can choose the suitable sweater style according to the color. For example, if you want to wear a gentle lady, it is recommended that you choose the warm color of white, rice white, and light coffee. The effect of dressing, it is recommended that you pick some macaron color schemes, such as pink, blue, yellow, etc. If you want to wear more mature dressing effects, choose a red, brown, dark green sweater. Error.

In addition, if you want to make the dress look more bright, it is recommended that you choose a solid color lapel sweater with a slightly design sense. For example, the style in the figure below is more delicate than ordinary models.


The design of the vertical stripes makes the overall sweater wiring look more contour and the texture is also enhanced. This design makes the lines of the sweater have a certain extension effect, and it has a thinner effect. Increase the design of the edge line on the lapel design, highlighting the sense of exquisiteness and details, making the sweater look more bright, and the layered sense of wear will also enhance.

②: POLO collar


Compared with the basic model lapel sweater, the design of the POLO collar can be said to have made a certain improvement on the basis of the original version. It is an advanced version of the former. What is different from the former is to increase the design of the button. More stronger.


In addition to this daily wear, such sweater design is also under pressure in commute wind. This design is very tolerant. The tight -fitting version of the intellectual figure is displayed, and the loose version is gentle and temperament.

Among the sweaters led by POLO, the most basic and versatile is pure colored lapel sweater, but in addition, you can also try the POLO collar sweater of the contrasting color design. Full.


For example, the sweater in the figure below cleverly uses the combination of matcha color and black, and the coverage area of ​​the neckline and button is used as a bond to show a more detailed dressing effect.

③: cardigan


In fact, the lapel sweater can also be worn as a coat. Under the previous mention of the sweater with a lapel sweater, you can easily achieve the expected effect. However, when choosing a lapel cardigan, you must pay attention to follow the principles of the two big and two small, that is, the more loose sweater should choose the design with a large lapel area as much as possible.

This detail setting will have a more three -dimensional effect. The general sense of generalization is stronger and more atmospheric. When the version is tighter, it is recommended to use a small lapel as an embellishment. , Show the feeling of heavy heads.

Second, the matching of lapel sweater


①: wide -leg pants

The combination of wide -leg pants and lapel sweater satisfies all the fantasies of long -legged girls. As long as you choose a short sweater+mop wide -leg pants to create a perfect long leg effect, who wears a slim beauty!

However, it is worth noting that when matching this match, you must pay attention to the combination of elasticity. Choosing a sweater with a fit or body shaping will be more thin and high. Oh.


In addition, in addition to choosing to mop wide -leg pants for matching, if you want to wear the effect of age -reducing and stylish matching effects, you can actually pick a nine -point wide -leg pants with casual shoes to create a one -meter -to -fist exposed skin to enhance highlights and highlights and highlights and highlights and highlights and highlights and highlights and highlights and highlights and highlights and highlights and highlights and highlights and highlights and highlights and highlights and highlights and highlights and highlights and highlights and highlights and highlights and highlights and highlights and highlights and highlights and highlights and highlights and highlights and highlights. The sense of detail will be prominent, but it is worth noting that you must pay attention to the position of the waistline on the wearing of nine -point pants so that the body proportion can be more superior.

②: skirt

In addition to the versatile and high wide -leg pants, a skirt is definitely a must -have for the winter opening of the little fairy. Whether it is a long skirt or a short skirt, it can have a sweet and fairy effect. What should be worn in winter!

In the dressing of lapels sweaters and skirts, you only need to remember the following highlights to easily wear the same model of the goddess. The first point is to pay attention to the position of the waistline. The effect; the second point is to pay attention to the combination of complexity and simplification in order to make the dress look more layered and the return rate will be higher.

This is the end of the sharing of lapel sweater. This is the end of this winter. You must try to wear the lapel sweater this winter. Remember the highlights of the selection and wear. We see you next time!