How to strengthen the floor price of the floor

I believe many people want to lay the floor when they are renovating. Some people will feel that the floor can improve the comfort of home life after laying the floor, and the floor can also play a role in anti -falling. So what are the differences between flooring and strengthening flooring? I believe many people want to know, so let’s take a look at the price of strengthening the floor together and what are the better strengthening floor brands.

1. How to strengthen the price of the floor

Let’s talk about the difference between the strengthening of the floor and the floor. The enhanced grass -roots materials of the floor generally use high -density fiber boards and particle plates. Usually, the speed of raw wood such as pine and poplar wood as the main raw materials, the quality of the grassroots directly determines the quality of the floor. From environmental considerations, thin strengthening flooring is better than thicker, because the thin unit area is relatively small, and environmental protection is better. Furthermore, the density of the floor is not as thin as the floor density, and the impact resistance is worse, but the feet feel a little better.

Enhanced flooring is high or low. Generally speaking, the price of 12 mm thick reinforcement floor is between 100-150 yuan/square meter, and there is no need for more; the price is too low or bad, and the formaldehyde content must exceed the standard. Some big brands in China are still good, such as: Holy Elephant, Nature, etc. But that price is still high, it should not exceed 200 yuan/square meter. The cost of strengthening the floor is about 30 yuan/square, mainly because the brand’s things are too high, but the after -sales and quality of the big brand is indeed stronger than the ordinary strengthening floor.

The price of strengthening flooring is affected by various factors. The most important factor is the substrate layer. The price of the floor material is relatively high and the service life is longer. In addition, how much to strengthen the floor is also related to the brand. When we buy, we can also find that some well -known big brands are more expensive than ordinary brands. At this time, consumers need to pay attention to their own needs, considering the cost of decoration cost budget before choosing. However, the quality of big brands will be better.

2. Strengthen floor brand recommendation

European floor

The strengthening floor that I have to say is the European floor. “Opai Floor” was founded in 2002. It is a floor manufacturing company specializing in solid wood, multi -layer, and intensive integration. There are 898 specialty stores in China, with more than 4,000 employees, and have obtained the top ten brands of the floor, 30 rest assured brands, energy -saving and environmentally friendly building materials, and well -known Chinese brands.


强化地板价格如何 强化地板品牌推荐

What you can’t help but say is Ryanmu. The products produced by this brand have unique hand -grasping patterns. Compared with ordinary products, they have more real texture, making it look more like pure natural wooden bricks. Coupled with fine relief technology, it has played a good one. The anti -slip and aesthetic effect also set off a style of the double lines of relief hand -grabbing pattern in the market.

Master Tono

It is also introduced by Master Teno. This brand has a strong function in waterproof. If it is carefully observed, you will find that it uses the international advanced six -sided wax technology, so that the surface can be isolated. Water that cannot be blocked by the six -layer waxing technology will also be quickly absorbed and digested in the water absorption layer. Therefore, it is called Teno as a waterproof expert.

Now everyone knows what are the benefits of strengthening the floor than ordinary flooring. Compared with ordinary flooring, strengthening the floor will be more beautiful, non -slip, and also has better waterproofing function, so it is no wonder that many people choose to buy strengthening flooring. However, the environmental protection of the floor also needs to pay attention to. When buying the floor, you must pay attention to buying a high level of environmental protection to prevent excessive formaldehyde.

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