The United Kingdom is a country that advocates nature, subtle, elegant and noble. The concept of ladies who respect the gentleman’s style and women’s priority Lady feelings have become popular all over the world, and they are generally accepted by people, especially in many important occasions. Bid benchmark. Lienna thought that people who lived in this excellent concept must have a different concept of dressing. The curious small heart could not be held back, and I must recommend it.


In recent years, the retro style has become more and more hot in the fashion circle. Elements such as retro checkered, floral, embroidery and other elements show the entire clothing industry to the fullest. As a must -have for wearing, shoes are also unwilling to show weakness. A tide set off a retro British style, and with its simplicity, natural and comfortable handsome shape, it is loved by fashionistas, especially pursuing freedom and randomness. The young MM, wearing it to show its own FreeStyle anymore, shows its own free shape anymore.


The British style is mainly based on the college faction. The shape is simple, generous and stylish, high -quality leather, comfortable inside, fine wiring, low -heeled version, casual feet or safe and reliable lace. That is, the British style is natural casual, and the quality of quality is noble in elegance. Want to wait for the unrestrained MM, what is still waiting for, the British style shoes are really good with you.

[1. British style leather light -well -heeled leather shoes]

High -quality leather wear -resistant and stylish, comfortable and breathable. The small round head is very small and elegant. The shallow design is particularly convenient to wear, stable thick heel, making you more comfortable and comfortable to wear, and combined with a reasonable slope design, which can protect women’s arch health. Different fashion charm.


[2. Retro leather short workmanship Martin boots]

The casual work of rhubarb boots has a strong British retro charm. High -quality header cowhide is soft and comfortable and fashionable. The upper of the wax waterproof treatment is smooth and wear -resistant, and the short version is also convenient to take through. Oxford’s soles are very flexible, and their feet are not tired when walking. The non -slip pattern is very intimate. The shape of the Martin boots with short and tight pants can be well reflected in women’s free and handsomeness, and it is full of coolness.

[3. British style rubbing the flat bottom Baotou shallow sandals]

The coloring apricot is a bit gradient, which is slightly more lively than the solid color. High -quality cowhide material, comfortable and wear -resistant and stylish. The soft and breathable inside fits the foot type. The inner dark buckle is easy to wear and take off, and the design of the Baotou foot looks very small. Xiaoping and the bottom of the beef tendon have good toughness and do not get tired of walking. They can protect the feet health and freely. With casual cotton and linen dresses, they can highlight the elegant and elegant temperament of women.

[4. Round head flat bottom and ankle leather Martin short boots]


The crooked head boots of the personality, small and beautiful feet, unique design trendy. High -quality cowhide is very stylish and durable, and the soft and comfortable inside breathability is very good and very raised. The front height and low boots are very layered, three -dimensional. The large flat bottom and the intimate anti -slip pattern design are free and convenient to wear, and walking is not tired. The simple and generous version is fashionable and versatile. It is an essential item for you to work in autumn and winter commute, shopping and other items.


[5. Through the leather heel, a small leather shoes]

Suitable for lazy people to step on leather shoes, high -quality fetal cowhide is comfortable and breathable, the touch is soft and delicate, and the crashing element adds quality. The skin is soft and soft. The unique small thick and rough and fashionable personality, stable and stable, it is easy to walk to walk, and it is also more effective to modify the body curve. The generous buckle of the metal texture, elegant atmosphere, with simple OL skirts or small suits, shows the intellectual and capable temperament of women in the workplace.


【6. Leisure Simple Pointed Pointed Land Flat -bottom Little White Shoes】


Simple and soft college style white shoes, as if returning to the young students of young and young. Simple and smooth lines outline women’s exquisite feet. The wear -resistant leather shoes have a stylish texture, delicate and soft inside, suitable for comfort and breathable. Exquisite small pointed head, stylish personality, gives a faint and elegant femininity, rubber small flat heel, slightly flexible, walking is not tired, and the youthful youthful atmosphere is exuding a free and unrestrained youth.

[7. Leather carved pointed Oxford thick heel shoes]


The exquisite carving breaks the monotonous of the solid color upper, with a touch of women’s gentleness and sweetness. The abrasion -resistant and durable cowhide material is very wide and stylish, soft and comfortable inner breathability and not sullen feet. It has a good tolerance to fit the ergonomic design. It has a different feeling of relaxing and pleasant feeling of wearing unrestricted. Oxford roughly heels, walking steadily and solid, not tired, can protect the health and safety of the arch. The small lace is very followed by feet, and there is no problem jumping at will.

[8. Retro pointed belt buckle streaming Su Zhonghe single shoes]

Casual and comfortable pointed sharp heels are the representatives of the British retro style. The high -quality PU cortex is very type, and the simple belt buckle increases the layering of the upper. With the fashionable tassel embellishment, it is novel and chic, showing the lively and cute temperament of women. The form of the foot is simple and convenient to wear, the bottom of the bottom non -slip rubber bottom, which is light and elastic, and it is easy and stable to walk. The pointed mouth is deep, and the shape of the feet looks very elegant.


[9. British style round head lace thick -heeled single shoes]

High -quality PU material car workers are clear and stylish. The small round head is comfortable and unconstrained, but also shows thin and small. The same color lace is relatively safe and safe to walk. Small thick heels, protecting the feet comfortable and healthy, also play a certain increase in heights. The rubber outsole is stable and thick, plus a sawtooth anti -slip design, which gives you free to you.

Simple and generous British style autumn and winter shoes, wearing comfortable feet to ensure that you will not have embarrassing problems on any occasion. The steady shape shows your beautiful figure, so that you are always a fiber, natural elegance and perfect perfect goddess.