Black tea is a high degree of fermentation.

At the beginning of the 16th century, Black Tea was created in Fujian area


Essence Black tea dried tea red with golden mills, tea soup red and translucent, and redness of the leaf bottom. The color is gorgeous, the aroma is strong, and the taste is sweet.

The main producing areas of black tea in my country are Yunnan Province, Fujian Province, Sichuan Province, Anhui Province, Guangdong Province, Taiwan Province, and Henan Province. Depending on the characteristics of tea and production methods, the current my country

Black tea mainly includes timely black tea, small breeding black tea and red tea. Gongfu black tea is like Dianhong, Qimen black tea


And small breeding black tea is only the small species of Zhengshan.

Dianhong Gongfu


Made with large leaves planting tea



Mainly produced to Changning and Fengqing in Yunnan

The average altitude is above 1,000 meters. The tea has a strong internal quality and high flavor. It is a unique variety in Chinese black tea. According to records, in 1938, the tea areas of the southeast provinces were close to the theater, and the production system was not easy. China Tea Company followed the order and actively developed the Southwest Tea Area to maintain the existing market internationally internationally. Yunnan investigates the production and sales of tea in order to expand the tea source and increase exports.

Feng Shaoqiu set up the Shunning Tea Factory (now Fengqing Tea Factory), and went to the major tea areas in Yunnan. He personally tried a small amount of black tea and devoted himself to studying.

From 1939 to 1940, the Finance and Trade Commission would sell Gongfu black tea to India, Myanmar, Thailand, or to Hong Kong through Yangon, to Hong Kong, and to the tea market in London. Yunnan black tea is widely praised in the London market. It is the honor of the large leaf species in Yunnan and the glory of the founder of Yunnan black tea.

Feng Shaoqiu not only created Yunnan Red Grants, but also trained a large number of Yunnan tea experts. From 1939 to 1940, under the guidance of Tea Company of Yunnan Province, the director of the tea factories such as Shunning (Fengqing) Experimental Tea Factory, Fohai (Erhai) Tea Factory, Yiliang Tea Factory and other tea factories were founded. Tea factory technicians were transferred.

Yunnan black tea and other black tea

Different tree species, craftsmanship, origin, and climate conditions, Dianhong is mainly based on large leaf planting tea

The plateau is high and the ultraviolet rays are strong. As a result, the difference between Dianhong and other black tea mouths and the differences in the taste of drinking flavor. In terms of appearance, the Yunnan red strip is tight, the buds and leaves are fat and moist, and the color is obvious, and the color is golden. There are honey fragrances, floral fragrance, and the aroma is high and long. The bottom of the leaf is clear and stretched, and the color is red and yellow. The entrance is rich in internal texture, sweet, and it seems to have a sticky feeling, full and smooth.

The taste is more mellow than other black tea. Camellia, tea polyphenols, and caffeine are relatively high, with strong, strong, and fresh characteristics. And it is better than other breeds in bubbles.

The ancient tree black tea in Yunnan has only appeared in recent years.

Based on the manufacturing process of Dianhong, it belongs to Dian red category. The raw materials are mainly based on the “ancient tree” tea “ancient tree” tea in Yunnan.


Compared to other traditional Dianhong raw materials,

Dry tea stripes are fat, colorful, gold with gold, golden exposed, uniform, clean; golden and bright, thick and full taste, fresh and fragrant, long -lasting bubbles, rich nectar, sweet mouth, amber gold soup, aroma, aroma Weak, the thickness and fullness of ancient tree tea.

According to the different ways of drying, the ancient tree black tea is divided into drying (traditional Dianhong common crafts) and drying (called “ancient tree sun red”)

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