Washing clothes in life is too wasteful to wash your hands. Washing machines are essential appliances for each family.


The baby’s clothing should be washed separately with the clothing of adults. All kinds of clothes are washed, which can easily cause allergic reactions such as babies and elderly people. This time, the advent of the child -style double -tube washing machine solved this problem well.

So how do I choose a washing machine? What are the good child -style double -tube washing machines? I will give you the answer today.

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Through the research and evaluation of a variety of washing machines, we summarized the checklist of the selection of washing machines, combined various knowledge points and selection points, and finally followed the ultimate performance (light luxury), comprehensive performance (strength), affordable price and good performance. (Building) 3 dimensions, 3 models

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“Select the checklist list of washing machines”

1. Choose a wave wheel or choose a drum?


The washing machine is divided into a drum washing machine and a wave wheel washing machine.

Working principle of wave wheel washing machine:

The wave wheel at the bottom of the laundry tube is rotated positively and reverse, driving the water flow. The water flow of the sports drives the upper, lower, left, and right of the clothing, so that the clothing between the clothes, the clothing and the barrel wall, the rubbing wheel is cleaner than the rolling, but the wear of the clothing is relatively compared Large, after washing, there will be wrapped in clothing.

Working principle of drum washing machine:

In the process of driving the roller rotation of the motor, the centrifugal force is generated through the inner cylinder rotation. The many prominently prominent tendons in the tube will continue to bring the clothes. After bringing it to the high place, the clothing will naturally fall due to gravity. It is equivalent to turning the clothes to the sky and letting the clothes fall down. This avoids the damage to the clothes, but the rolling washing machine is not as clean as the pulsator washing machine.

There is no absolute difference between the pulsator and the roller. It depends on your preferences. It can be simply summarized:

Friends who focus on energy saving and pursue economy and practical choose waves;


Friends who value clothing protection and exquisite protection, and pursue diversified washing procedures try to buy the drum model as much as possible.

Judging from the current development, most manufacturers are still more focused on roller products. The newly launched high -end new products are basically drum washing machines, equipped with more practical additional functions, such as drying, freshness, sterilization, etc.


2. Reserve space in advance

When considering the space, you must not just look at the size of the washing machine, but also consider the drainage pipeline. You must reserve at least 15 cm behind the washing machine. 2.5 cm.

In addition, you need to measure your door to ensure that the newly purchased washing machine can pass.

3. Determine or frequency conversion motor, determine the noise size

The noise of the washing machine is mainly from the motor. Any products involved in motor have variable frequency and fixed frequency.

The effect of inverter motor in the washing machine is mainly for energy saving and noise reduction. If you place the location of the washing machine closer to the living room or bedroom, it is recommended to choose the frequency conversion motor.

The price of washing machines with inverter motors is usually more expensive.


However, from the perspective of mechanical design, the inverter motor requires a special control circuit, and there are more fault points. In contrast, the stability of the fixed frequency motor is better.


4. Washing machine capacity


Washing capacity

The capacity actually refers to the maximum washing capacity of the washing machine. The unit is KG, which represents the maximum washing capacity of the washing machine.

Generally speaking:

5 ~ 7kg washing machine products have met the needs of Sankou House;

The 7 ~ 9kg washing machine can easily get the daily laundry needs, capacity and volume of the family of four;

9 ~ 12kg washing machines are more suitable for large -capacity clothing, such as curtains and some large items such as curtains and some quilts that can be washed directly, and are more suitable for families with more than five mouths.


5. Five functions of icing on the cake

When the budget is limited, when choosing a washing machine, the performance should be based on performance. In the case of sufficient budget, consider the following five functions.

Automatically add function

The washing machine automatically adds a variety of detergent according to the weight of the clothing and the degree of dirt, which can effectively prevent the addition of too much detergent. After the washing is completed, the clothes still remain in a large amount of detergent. Washing is not clean.


丨 Drinking

Using additional drift function can help remove pet hair and other stubborn stains. If your skin is allergic to detergent residues, the additional rinse function is also very practical.


丨 Self -cleaning

The hygiene problem of the inner tube of the washing machine should not be ignored. Because the inner strength of the drum washing machine is higher and has a heating function, the inner tube of the drum washing machine is cleaner than the pulop wheel washing machine.

However, there are also wave wheel washing machines that are fully closed in the inner and outer cylinders, blocking the water flow interaction between the inner and outer barrels, and isolation of the scalm bacteria.

丨 Division washing

The baby’s clothing cannot be washed with adult clothes. Even adults, different clothes such as jackets and underwear should be washed separately, so we give birth to a double washing machine. We are commonly known as Gemini washing machines.

Unlike conventional washing machines, it has two cylinders. The large tube is used for washing large pieces of clothing, such as sheets, quilts, winter thick clothes, etc.; Small tube can be washed underwear or baby clothing, which is more caring.


Instead of purchasing two washing machines, it is more convenient and cost -effective as one machine and two. It is recommended to choose friends with conditions.

丨 Waste water washing

“Washing free washing”, that is, the effect of cleaning clothes without traditional water washing. Of course, the cleaning effect of water -free washing is definitely not as good as the cleaning effect of water washing, and it is more suitable for clothing to remove taste and care.

6. Washing machine brand

Miele in Germany is hailed as “the best washing machine brand in the world”. There are also Swedish brand ASKO and Whole Waterpan in MIELE

(Note that it is not China’s Whirlpool)


The German brand Siemens and Bosch only produce drum washing machines. Japanese is represented by Panasonic and Hitachi, which is strong on the pulsator washing machine. South Korea’s LG and Samsung are in line with the public’s aesthetics.

The gap between the domestic washing machine and the European and American brands has become smaller and smaller. The domestic first -line brands Haier, Casa Di, beauty, and small swan products can already be flat with foreign front -line products. At the same time, domestic brands are more cost -effective than foreign products. Improve, more suitable for domestic consumer choices.

I believe that everyone knows how to choose a good washing machine. As consumer demand is becoming more and more clear and subdivided, after a large number of evaluations and selection engineers have selected a large number of products, there are three mother -style binocular washing machines. ,they are, respectively:


Light luxury list

LG Washing Machine Selected Number: 0249


Selected model of Zhidian:

LG WD-WDRH657C7HW washing machine

proposed price:

19999 yuan

Recommended reason:

The upper roller and the lower wave wheels to achieve partitioned washing. The DD frequency conversion direct drive machine is used to accurately control the current frequency conversion, which greatly improves the performance and flexibility of washing machines.

It can follow the actions of knocking, rubbing, squeezing, rubbing, shaking, and solving of human washing to achieve 6 kinds of smart hand washing and improve the cleanliness of washing clothing.

The “Steam Washing” function is the highlight of this washing machine. It has three major functions: steam removal mite removal, clear steam, and smooth steam. In terms of sterilization and care, it is more advantageous than other washing machines.

In addition, two types of drying mode are provided for standard drying and air -cooled drying.


Power List Casa Di washing machine

Selected Number of Zhidian: 0250

Casa Di C8 U12G3 Gemini Yunshang washing machine

12999 yuan

7 -inch LED large screen, double roller up and down, 30 types of washing procedures, equipped with top -level brand Fixue Pai direct drive machines, stable performance.

In the evaluation of the Zhidian Lab, the product performed well on antibacterial, cleaning, rinsing, and material dissolved objects.

1.5mm High -strength steel bone structure, thickness of the thickness of the steel plate of the automotive, double -way checks and balances in double tube, each other’s weight, good fuselage stability, small washing noise, and very good use experience.

-03 –


The price list Haier washing machine

Selected Number of Zhidian: 0077

Haier (haier) FMS100-B261U1

6599 yuan

Using the mother -in -law double barrel design, one machine can meet the various needs of adults’ baby clothing partitions, underwear and coats, and dark light -colored partitions. There are various problems to solve the problem.

This washing machine, 7.5kg+2.5kg washing capacity, the whole family’s clothing does not have to be washed in batches, and 36.5L storage space can be placed.

The large barrel uses self -cleaning and cleaning technology. The small barrel uses full -closed washing technology to prevent the tube wall from hiding dirt and dirty.

The large barrel uses a direct -drive -frequency motor, with a fully enclosed air damping shock absorption system to ensure that the double barrel works, run quietly and smoothly.

The bread soft inner barrel is equipped with a seamless welding process for laser, which effectively avoids the friction of the inner barrels and clothing, scratching clothes, and reducing wear.

Intelligent WIFI networking, in real time, master the laundry process, and customize the exclusive washing experience.

Selected model of Zhidian:

Selected model of Zhidian:

proposed price:

proposed price:

Recommended reason:

Recommended reason: