Review of domestic cameras: In the last one, the Tieyu step was not “God” who was expected by the Chinese people

This time it comes out!


Seeing other people’s stickers on the Internet and draining the “Shenlong” camera. He said: “It is said that” there are type II, but no one has seen it. It may be more precious than Dongfeng. Bookcase, seeing this one I collected is also type I, is I remember it wrong, or did I see Type II?

So I went to check it online, but I didn’t see the information and pictures of Shenlong II. It seems that I am really wrong, I haven’t seen it before.

If you make mistakes, let’s talk about the dragon camera and a little memory I have.


Speaking of Shenlong camera, this involves two key characters:

Zhang Guodong and Yu Tiejie



Zhang Guodong is from Ningxia. He often saw the camera articles he wrote in the 1980s and 1990s. He also published a book, talking about cameras and cameras. Since the 1960s, Zhang Lao has produced eight different models of cameras one after another. In the 1990s, Mr. Zhang Guodong existed like God who liked cameras and wanted to make cameras himself.

Yu Tiejie was the Shangyu of Zhejiang. The earliest seemed to be a factory to produce photography attachments. Later, the Shenlong series camera was developed. It was also the last R & D manufacturer of Chinese cameras.


Zhejiang Shangyu has several companies that do photography attachments in the 1980s and 1990s. Among them, relatively large manufacturers include Lu Tongying. They are family companies. The “double -port” series of photography attachments developed not only have influences in China, but also exported. Lu Tongying’s Shangyu Xieqiao Photo Equipment Factory I have not only visited twice, but also lived in his house.

Since the 1980s, the atmosphere of folk photography in my country has risen, and there have been more cameras and photography equipment. Some manufacturers (or family workshops) in Jiangsu and Zhejiang have seen the opportunity and started to enter this industry. Simple attachments such as filter and shutter lines have no experience and blind imitation. Later, according to market demand, they saw the doorway and improved the technical content. No one dares to think.

During this period, domestic wedding photography began to rise. It was a very large cake. The photos needed to be zoomed in. The wedding dresses needed portrait and close -ups. Although the imaging is also good, there is only a fixed “header”, with a short focal length and a portrait portrait. It is difficult to compete.

And the medium format imported from abroad is not cheap to change the camera. The Harsuya camera is the most ideal, but a set of equipment is tens of thousands. Only the high -end photographic halls in large cities can afford it. The first choice of the phase hall is very ideal with the 180 mm lens to shoot a portrait, but it costs more than 10,000 yuan.


Some small portraits can’t get out of these money to buy cameras and start looking for cheaper cameras. At first, the Kyiv 88 and Kyiv 60 of the former Soviet Union entered the sight. These two cameras 6×6 were equivalent, and the supporting 150 mm lens is also very practical. The main is cheap. The machine was sold for 1,000 yuan, and the matching 150 mm lens was sold for 1500 yuan.

At that time, the Kyiv 88 camera first started from the Northeast Border Trade. Later, a certain Bin in Tangshan went to the “Photo and Photo” magazine. A lot of operations were sold well.


But soon the problem came. The quality of the Kyiv camera was too poor, and I couldn’t use it at all, let alone expect it to make money. It was frequent problems during the shooting. Repair, this also fulfills the name of “Xiu Kiefu 88” in Beijing!

The Kyiv camera is cheap, but it cannot be used. The cheap camera that can be selected is gone.

In this period, Yu Tiejie saw business opportunities and saw the shortage of equipment on wedding photography. He rushed to Ningxia and joined forces with Zhang Guodong to jointly develop a movie studio-specific camera “Shenlong DF-680”.

The technical indicators of the “Shenlong DF-680” camera are very simple. There are only two transmission in the shutter: one gear is a “X” gear used with the flash; the first gear is a “B” gear that is exposed for a long time.

The frame uses 6X8, which is a little larger than the Mimima 67. A volume of 120 rolls can be taken 10.

There are two supporting lenses: 125/4 and 180/4.


Use a replaceable back to facilitate shooting different film at the same time, but the back cannot rotate, but it can be converted horizontally and vertically.

The focus of the camera uses rail -type leather cavity, which is conducive to near -shooting or remake. It is said that the back port can also be connected to large machines to make huge amplification. In addition, the waist flat viewfinder cannot be changed.


Shenlong camera came out in 1994,

At that time, the sales price of the two heads and two heads seemed to be around 4,600 yuan.

The advent of the Shenlong camera has filled the gap in the low -end “professional” equipment in domestic studio. When it came out, many small shadow buildings followed up. Such cameras have been expected for a long time.


After the 1990s, domestic cameras went downhill. Although the two birds (phoenix and seagulls) still performed well during this period, it was basically the road that followed the Japanese camera to take over the production of some Japanese elimination equipment , Without his own research and development and highlights, Yu Tiejie dared to accept Zhang Guodong’s “research and development”, and it was quite courageous and bold to make Shenlong.

Now watching Shenlong camera, the appearance is still very powerful. It is greater than Maria RB67. It is actually an imitation camera in shape. The simple shutter, the accuracy of the exposure is difficult to guarantee, but the use of light photography is instantly exposed. The indoor portrait portrait may not have a great impact, but if it is outdoors.

Of course, the camera is difficult to do the shutter, but the technical content cannot be ignored. According to the ability at that time, the high -end lens of domestic production facilities is still very difficult, so the quality of the lens should also be the shortcoming of the camera.

Because I haven’t taken this camera, I don’t have an intuitive impression on the shooting effect. I won’t say much here. My Shenlong was a second -hand bought in 2009. At that time, in addition to the 125/4 lens, there was also the Zeiss 180 lens that had been restructured, and there was no original 180/4 lens.

The picture is sold for 3800 yuan


Looking at this camera now, it is really simple and not to meet expectations, but shortly after the Shenlong camera was launched, it was reported that it would develop a high-level “Shenlong DF-68-II” type. What is the final result?


The article is here, I can’t sit still, I have no information on the Internet, so I go through the book and find the “inventory” information. I really found some information about the Shenlong II camera.

In Mr. Zhuang Keming’s “China Camera”, pp. 294, saying “Shenlong 680-II camera, Chongqing Shenlong Special Camera Co., Ltd. produced in 1997. 1-1/500 seconds. There are three models: 68, 100, and 180 of the supporting lenses. Three heads and two backs, priced at 8900 yuan. “

This information shows that “the Shenlong 680-II camera exists, and the shutter speed increases, and the lens has two new 68 and 100 models. Because there are no other information, I don’t know the specific structure of the shutter.


In the end, the Shenlong II type did not form a market advantage. It is estimated that it is mainly the price factor, which is twice as expensive than the first paragraph, and the difference between Tong Maria is decreasing, making people have no interest in buying. In the late 1990s, the domestic economy was getting better and better, and the studio also began to make money. The economic pressure of buying Maria cameras was not great, and it even became a trend. The space of Shenlong was gone.

After 2000, digital cameras rose, and the film camera quickly withdrew from the studio, and Shenlong had no chance. In just a few years left Yu Tiejie and Shenlong, Yu Tiejie tried his best. He was also the last person in memory of Chinese camera manufacturing.

One year when I went to Shangyu, Lu Tongying told me that the development of Shenlong camera, Mr. Yu Tiejie invested hugely and did not earn much money.

Although the Shenlong 680 camera was not too successful, the Shenlong 360 -degree transfer developed by Yu Tiejie was very successful and won praise. I have seen a group photo taken with this camera, which is very good, but the German Zeiss lens (with Hasu is one) used by the transfer, and the domestic lens of the Shenlong 680 camera is still difficult to bear the heavy responsibility, but I do n’t know if the Shenlong turns the machine and sell it later. The situation has recovered the cost of Shenlong.

The Shenlong 680 camera was produced and sold at the end. I don’t know. It can be bought in the second -hand market ten years ago, and the output should be a lot.

When I wrote this article, I searched it. Now the price of selling is all over, some are marked with tens of thousands of yuan, and I saw a machine selling 3800 yuan in the Shenyang market in 2020, which is reasonable.

With the precipitation of time, the courage to develop Shenlong at that time was still praised. If it was not for digital to make the image world completely change, maybe Shenlong’s ending will not stop easily. Remember the person.

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