This is an era of old and new alternation. The rules have been reshaped in subversion, and the anxiety is brought about by chaos, and it also brings innovation and growth.

“We have already been in an era of great change. The main feature of this change is that we will enter the new era of the industrial economy to the digital economy. Enterprises that have developed against the trend are all companies with digital transformation of full links and online and offline integration. “In the interview, Chen Dapeng, vice chairman of the China Textile Industry Federation and chairman of the China Clothing Association, said. Under the epidemic, in the mode of digital change, new methods such as the Internet celebrity economy, sharing economy, community economy, online live broadcast, and entertainment marketing drive market changes and consumption upgrades. While the consumer Internet continues to advance, It is accelerating the progress of the industrial Internet, especially informatization, the first to deeply integrate industrialization, and the large -scale customization production model is becoming increasingly mature. The application of “Internet+” technology has accelerated. At the same time The platform is constantly emerging, and the construction of the industrial Internet platform has entered a stage of substantial development.

Factory revolution

In September 2020, the three -year -old manufacturing platform rhino -in -intellectual manufacturing by Alibaba was officially unveiled. The fabrics have their own “identity ID”, which can be tracked in the factory, cutting, sewing, and factory. The pre -production ranking, production schedule, and hanging routes are made by AI machines to make decisions. In the past, the construction period must be calculated and the schedule of the inspection was required. One -click in the rhino -wound factory can get second -level responses. With this digital and intelligent manufacturing platform that specializes in SMEs to unveil mysterious veil, a factory revolution that uses digital technology is budding. However, an Internet company extended to the upstream Internet companies is far more than Alibaba.

It is reported that Alibaba’s earliest exploration of manufacturing dates back to 2013. Its 1688 business department launched a C2M platform Tao factory connecting Taobao sellers and factories. Like rhino -intellectual manufacturing, the original transformation of the Tao factory was also a small and medium -sized clothing company.

In December 2018, Pinduoduo comprehensively layout for C2M, launched the “New Brand Plan”, and used the C2M model to create explosive products with the manufacturer. In August 2019, launched C2M personalized service through its “BOE Tokyo”. On November 25, 2020, released the “C2M Smart Factory” plan. The three giants entered the venue, which also made the C2M war.

In the 40 trillion social retail volume, e -commerce accounts for about 25%. In the manufacturing industry, there are 3 trillion to 40 trillion cakes, but today the Internet -based penetration ratio is still very low. Wu Xuegang, CEO of Rhino Wisdom, used numbers to prove the newly manufactured blueprint in an interview with the media.

C2M is not a simple business model change. It is essentially an all -round upgrade of the supply side. From design to yarn to raw materials to the last to sales, the collection of intellectual manufacturing has achieved gathering bidding in different industrial links, and can be connected online through the Internet to make production more intelligent and data visualization.

In 2015, after more than 20 years of cultivation in the field of clothing, Xia Hua, chairman of Yiwen Group, founded the intellectual manufacturing C2M platform to focus on the integration and linkage of the clothing industry. As a consumer brand for consumers C -end, it is also a small B -end system such as clothing shops. The collection of 199 yuan pants and 299 yuan wool sweater are collected. If the product is in the traditional way, the market price is at least 500 ~ 800 yuan. Gather the small batch of small batch orders scattered in small clothing stores on the collection intellectual manufacturing platform, realize the collection of orders, and then achieve large -scale production and bidding on the production side. This is the basic logic of integrating intellectual manufacturing. Reduce costs and achieve the root cause of high quality and low prices.

“C2M must solve the things at both ends, the sales side solves the inventory without inventory, and the industrial end will solve the cost -effectiveness.” Unlike the low price of the Internet platform subsidy or the low -cost model, the integration of intellectual manufacturing mainly achieves low prices through the integration of the back -end industrial chain. However, the problem of the clothing industry is how to ensure the profit of consumers while ensuring the cost -effectiveness of consumers. Only by solving the problem of consumers ‘personalized needs and suppliers’ single product volume can we solve the long -term sustainable problem of the C2M industry.

Live e -commerce companies are hot circles

In early 2020, the live broadcast e -commerce company became popular. With the improvement of the infrastructure of e -commerce platforms and driven by short videos and live broadcasts, the new brand has undoubtedly caught up with the excellent outlet of the times and obtained a rapid development speed. The rapid growth of the new brand has also become the focus of attention from the e -commerce platform. The new brand is standing in the Z era, and it is also the core consumer group that the brand must study in the future. In addition, the outbreak of the new crown epidemic in 2020 has accelerated the online transformation of the retail industry, and also made brands recognize the importance of private domain traffic, and building an online and offline marketing system has become a consensus.

In the “Double Eleven” in 2020, the cumulative turnover of 16 new brands has exceeded 100 million yuan, namely Perfect Diary, Huaxi, Ubras, Tima, Banana, Beaster, MLB, Realme, Run Baiyan, Applied Erjia, USMile, ColorKey, Little Antin, Santun and half, adopt a cow and cloud whale. Jiang Fan, the president of Taobao Tmall, believes that in the next 10 years, it will be the 10 years for the Internet to create a new brand. The epidemic promotes more consumers’ online shopping habits, and a large number of new brands will be born from the Internet. The rise of new consumer brands is the most certain opportunity for China’s 5-10 years in the next 5-10 years.

In the announcement issued by Bosideng Group, the core brand Bosideng under the brand down jacket business of 2020/21 in the first 9 months of fiscal year, the cumulative retail sales increased by 25%year -on -year, and other brands increased by more than 40%year -on -year. The steady growth of the down jacket business sector of Posndon Group is not only affected by the seasons. It continues to dig deeper into the brand and cultivate operations, and continue to promote the combination of product sales. Based on the original invitation of celebrity endorsements, brand Bo Siden focuses on the resource platforms such as Douyin and Xiaohongshu to make full drainage for online and offline stores, promote transaction conversion, and enhance sales performance. During the “Double 11” event of the “Double 11” event in 2020, the omni -channel sales exceeded 1.5 billion yuan. In addition to adding traffic in line online, it also attached great importance to the establishment of scientific and technological scenarios and brand promotion in the public space of the physical shopping center.

At an industry conference in 2020, Zhang Jiangping, chairman of Taiping Bird, said that the reason why revenue achieved in the first half of the year increased by 3.11% year -on -year. The performance of the impact impact made up for it, and behind this test was the ability of corporate products and rapid supply chain. In Zhang Jiangping’s view, whether it is live broadcast, applet, etc., everyone must be courageous to try. In recent years, the rapid development of e -commerce business has not only contributed a certain sales performance to Taiping Bird, but also allowed enterprises to consume pulse consumption more through digital development. The preferences make the front -end design and production and terminal sales closer.


Original brand is at the time

Although international high -end brands still occupy the right to speak in international fashion, in the past two years, with the emergence of more and more high -quality domestic brands, whether it is the acceptance of consumer end, the innovative ability of local designers, or capital and platforms of the platform Supporting intensity shows a good and positive direction.

From the early “Angel Chen × Adidas Originals” to the past two years, the joint cooperation between Chinese brands and Nike, Adidas, Vans, New Balance and other international brands has become more and more frequent since 2018 in New York Fashion Week in 2018. ” The national tide style brought by China Li Ning has been singing in the fashion market in China, and has won the love and fans of a lot of young consumer groups. In addition, a group of local original trend brands that have attitudes and playfulness have also entered the attention of the public at this stage, and interaction with commercial real estate has become more and more.

For example, as an artistic designer brand, UMA WANG has gradually settled in fashionable business industries such as Sanlitun’s northern district and Chengdu Jingrong. The brand design originated from “all beings”, and also worked hard in the development, texture, details and prints of fabrics.

As the results of Sina’s “Contemporary Young People Trends Consumption Consumption” showed that 72%of the investigators believed that the development of the “national tide” in the future will become better and better. In the hearts of the younger generation of Chinese consumers, the recognition of local original brands is getting higher and higher, which has also attracted the continuous introduction of talents. This argument is confirmed in the “Chinese Independent Designer Brand Ecology Report”: the number of graduates of design and fashion majors is increasing. Taking the Central Santa Martin Academy of Arts in London as an example, from 2015/2016 until 2018/2019 The proportion of Chinese students has increased year by year.


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