Where can the bathroom towel hang? In the bathroom decoration, many people ignore this problem. Of course, the towel rack can be installed after decoration, and the following positions can be considered.

卫生间毛巾挂哪里好?位置选对了 方便又干净


In the shower room

卫生间毛巾挂哪里好?位置选对了 方便又干净

If the bathroom is designed to be separated from wet and wet, the towel can be installed directly in the shower room, which is more convenient to use. However, the shower room environment is relatively humid, so pay attention to keeping clean and hygienic.


Above the bathtub

卫生间毛巾挂哪里好?位置选对了 方便又干净

If the bathroom is not a shower, but a bathtub, you can hang towels directly on the wall above the bathtub, which is simple and convenient.

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Sideline sideline

The towels that wipe your hands or wash your face can be hung directly on both sides of the washbasin.



For small bathrooms, the space behind the toilet must be fully used. You can put a towel stand directly here to hang towels. It is definitely a good choice.


卫生间毛巾挂哪里好?位置选对了 方便又干净

Behind the bathroom door

If there is no suitable position to hang a towel, then behind the bathroom door, you can also install a hook towel rack, which will not affect the opening of the door, but also achieve the function of hanging towels.


The towel is hung in the bathroom, which is very convenient to use. If you are worried that the bathroom environment is humid, you can choose an electric towel rack.

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卫生间毛巾挂哪里好?位置选对了 方便又干净

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