1. Different shape


The positive bracelet refers to the round outer circle, and the inner circle, also known as a safe bracelet. More than 90%of the world are now this kind of bracelet. The advantage is that the provincial labor and provincial materials, the inner circle sticks the wrist, but the inner circle must be polished, otherwise it will not be able to score the hand. This kind of bracelet is versatile, any jade species and jade.


Second, the difference between materials

From the perspective of the two bracelets on jade materials, round bracelets will save more emerald materials, while the main circle bracelets are more expected. For example, the same material, 10 bracelets, and 12 round bracelets. If the same planting water and volume are compared, the production of round bracelets will be more than two parties than the positive bracelet.

Third, comfortable to wear

Compared with the round bracelet, the positive circle bracelet is more comfortable to wear, because the positive circle bracelet is more admitted. The round bracelet will slide on the arm because of the shape; the main circle bracelet can be selected according to itself, and it will be very attached when wearing.

These two styles of bracelets are also different in life. If modern women are in office and housework, they are more suitable for wearing main circle bracelets, but if they are sleeping, they will not be able to hold a round bracelet. Essence


Some people like the comfort and convenience of the positive bracelet, and some people like the classic elegant elegant of the round bracelet. No matter which one you like, choosing the one that suits you is the most important thing!