Really silk suspenders are beautiful and cool.


The original price is 690 yuan, and the fans of the beautiful goods are 199 yuan!

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Zeroth.lab elope “Real silk shaded shirt

¥ 199



What do you need to wear clothes in summer? of course


Beautiful enough, thin enough, cool enough


Especially the real silk suspender, the bottom and single wear are super practical, making you easy to be beautiful ~

Most people with ordinary styles are difficult to wear, but as long as they want

Combined with real silk design

It will immediately become stunning.

The color of the real silk, soft texture,


Most can show women’s laziness and elegance.

In “Atonement”, Kalarina Tryi was shining in the night in the night, and was called the most amazing movie clothing in history by the film critics.


If you want to wear a camisole, you must choose a good texture.

Let the skin breathe freely

Skin -friendly, comfortable, not sultry

Why do delicate women love to wear real silk?

Zhang Ailing said: “When silk gently flows on women, it is sighing, caressing, pity, amazing, amazing, and amazing, because women are originally a pure silk.”

Good fabrics are like the second layer of human skin, which can most highlight the temperament.


This real silk strap

Selected 99.9%mulberry silk, with strong breathability and hangingability.


Quick dissipation, refreshing and comfortable, very suitable for summer wear.

Especially the comfort produced by fabric and skin friction, gives people a kind of




a feeling of.

Line that flows like water,

Make your body full of grace ~

Wearing it is not only will not

Figure out

It looks very textured, and it can also be lined up

The skin is so shiny.

People with clean temperament can open it to release all the style.


Comfortable lazy wind

Ingenious craftsmanship, exquisite design


Most of the suspenders jackets are unreasonable, and it will always be embarrassed behind the upper body.

Compared to the gorgeous and fancy decoration of the outer, Zeroth.lab camisole

Pay attention to the tailoring of the fabric, the design is simple and atmospheric, and the workmanship is meticulous.

· 45 ° angle cutting, fit the body curve

The direction of the meridian of the tailor and the meridian of the fabric

45 degrees angle

Cutting method.

Change the way of fabric falling, so that the fabric is more


Extension and flexibility

Stronger, the outline of the clothes is available


More smooth.

The oblique tailor is waste 30%-50%of the fabrics, and the difficulty of processing sewing is quite high. Only craftsmen with strong craftsmanship can control it.

The oblique tailor makes the bottom cloth distribution naturally uniform,


· 93.5 ° Cutting on the neckline, just a little sexy


After several editions, the 93.5 ° neckline was finally determined.

The neckline V -neck design is not exposed at will,

It will modify the chest shape very well, and the inside and outside wear are more fashionable and stylish!

Cleverly hide the edges,

Step in the inside, and there is no extra suture from the outside.

Not only avoids the embarrassment of convex points, but also cannot see the boundary of the inner layer.

· Adjustable shoulder straps, as thin as 3mm

After the model is opened, a batch of appropriate width adjustments are customized. After countless adjustments and polishing,

It is finally determined to be 3mm wide.

The thin band seems to slide from the shoulders at any time, be casual, and with a little sexy ~~

The elegant, loose, and comfortable tailoring design can better set off a person’s good -looking.

The width is appropriate, and it will not loosen and procrastinates,

As if tailor -made, the body can stretch freely in the clothes.


Eternal beauty

Elegant and generous, not picking occasions

People who wear real silk suspenders usually use the most casual way of wear,

With pants or half skirts, refreshing and fashionable.

In addition to attending the party, it is very suitable to go to work and go out everyday, and it is fashionable and fashionable.

Zeroth.lab has seven colors to contract the entire summer!

One week can also wear different tricks.

-Heid Dai Fan-

The same color as the “dry rose” that has always been popular,

Quiet and gentle.

-Gel olive-

The temperament index is high,

The collision is unexpectedly beautiful.


-Mo Hei & Moon White-

The moon is implicit, the ink is black and restrained,


The two colors are calm and not public.

-Mango yellow & shallow coral-

Bright and windy, fresh and charming,

Full of summer vitality.


Slightly blue cherry color,

Playful girly atmosphere.

I also added a small fortune details:

Disclosure of letters pendant,


You can choose the first letter of your own or lover’s name.

Give it as a gift to a partner, contains full love ~

The better the real texture, the more expensive, the more you need to take care of it.

True silk care small Tips:

True silk sling must be washed hands. After washing, wire after washing, grab it a few times with your hands, and hang it to dry.

The light and silky texture makes the whole person shine.


Only a woman who passes through the silk suspender can truly experience this minimalist beauty!