A long time ago, my mother had a Cat leather coat, which was her dowry. Huang Chancan’s hair, there is also a warm handbag. When my mother went out in winter, we always used their mouths to blow carefully, and the hair on the coat would be erected and flashed under the sun. Mom combed her curly hair, put on the purple -red camel cheongsam, and put on this coat, becoming beautiful as a star.

As soon as she was liberated her mother, she participated in the work. She no longer wore cheongsam and made another coat. It was a pine leather gown change from her father, which was very warm. Mom mediated the quarreling couple and mother -in -law. I often come to find someone as soon as I put on the rice bowl. Sometimes in the middle of the night, some people cry to my house.

Later, my mother became a primary school teacher and had to rush to work every day. She gets up at four o’clock every day to buy food. When she came back, we always depended on the bed. Mom goes to her ears one by one, lifts the quilt, who will be beaten. My mother hurriedly ate breakfast and even climbed the underground. Mom trot all the way, plundering her scattered hair with her hands, and kept looking back at Ding Ding, her voice spread far and far. No matter how cold, she is always sweating and never wear a coat.

During the difficult period, we rolled the cabinet to find something as soon as we came back from school. Moms look for food everywhere, jewelry and calligraphy and paintings have “changed” into food. Mom is getting thinner and whiter hair. Every week, my mother always goes to the “Huai Kingdom” to sell things, and finally it is this Bobcat leather coat. Mom sat on the sofa and stroked Jin Chancan’s hair over and over again. She left a warm handbag and wrapped the coat with a piece of cloth. In the old goods store, the people who sold clothes were lined up to grow up. When it was our turn, the mother shook her hand to hand over the coat, “35 yuan!” I want to take back the coat back, and my mother shook her head and took the money.


On the eve of his elder brother went to Xinjiang, his mother changed the sheepskin coat to the men’s style and let him bring him. Since then, the mother has no coat. Every winter, my mother wore a cotton jacket, there is only an old velvet in it, and there is no scarf. Because there is no coat, she won’t go anywhere except to work.

Until the mother’s 50th birthday, our six children paid their pockets and drawers, saved the money to buy movies to buy earlier money, and accumulated for several months to make up 30 yuan. We can’t buy a decent coat for our mother, and I ran a lot of shops before I bought a short coat.

When the family became rich, my mother had a full -fledged clothes. I gave her a long cashmere long coat, but the white -haired mother had no longer needed Chinese clothes and couldn’t wear a coat. Now, what kind of coat can’t be bought, but her mother has gone to heaven, she doesn’t need anything.