On January 23, 2019, Brazil’s famous supermodels, actors, and Victorians Alexander Aibrotuki took a promotional photo for a Italian brand in Little Havana, Florida.(Picture from Oriental IC)


However, her small leather shirt is frequent in the situation. The zipper is too high, and it feels sexy.The zipper is too low, just go away.(Picture from Oriental IC)

Of course, I dare not post these pictures.(Picture from Oriental IC)

The uncle walking was straight and stared straight at the supermodel Alexander Ambro.Fortunately, Alexander Ambrumu had more than ten years of experience on the stage of Victoria’s Mi, or he was still blushing.(Picture from Oriental IC)


38 -year -old Alexander Ambrohru, red super mini skirt, black leather shirt, and she loves sports fitness. She is still very slim.(Picture from Oriental IC)