In the past, if we want to play the disc, we need to play on DVD. With the progress of the times, the product is replaced. At present, it is estimated that not many people are using the DVD machine.

The appearance of the computer makes it more convenient to play discs. As long as you have a optical drive on your computer, you can display it on my computer. There are many types of discs, including music disks, file disks, system disks, etc., which correspond to different functions. At present, the system disk is very suitable for friends who do not reinstall the system. The music disk is only listening to songs. Compared with the complaints and videos and music, different empty disks have its capacity.


In recent years, in order to save costs, reduce the weight of the host, and increase the heat dissipation space, many computers have not brought their own light drive. How to play discs at this time? At this time, the mobile optical driver plays its role. It is only larger than the palm. One host and a USB data cable can be used. Whether you use a laptop or a desktop computer, you can use it to record and read the content of the CD content. La.

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