Indoor decoration is inseparable from lighting. In order to make life more convenient, we installed chandeliers in the living room, sucking ceiling lamps in the bedroom toilet, and even arranged for table lamps and wall lamps, but it seemed to feel unsatisfactory. For example, the moment when I returned home at night, I couldn’t touch the irritability of the light switch, and I was confused in the middle of the night to get on the dazzling at the moment of the toilet to turn on the lights … This may be because your home has less floor lamp, especially the following one. Three places!

Porch: intelligent identification farewell to the door to enter the door

When decorating the porch lighting, we will choose to install ceiling lighting, chandeliers, downlights, etc. on the ceiling for main light lighting, but often ignore the ground foot lights. At night, he dragged his tired body and returned home. The room was dark, and he had to find out where to find the light switch for a long time. At this time, the mood must be particularly bad. It is very necessary to install the floor lamp in the porch. You can choose

Zhengtai infrared induction of the foot light, intelligently recognized by infrared induction, people come to light and delay out

The moment you enter the door, you will lighten up and welcome your return.

Different from the conventional ground foot lights, this Zhengtai infrared induction ground lamp is also paired with five -hole sockets to meet the needs of a variety of household appliances.

It is both a ground foot light and a five -hole socket


Essence I want to sit in the porch to dry and deodorize the shoes in the porch, and I am not afraid that I can’t find the socket. Therefore, we must communicate with the decoration master in advance to reserve the installation position of the foot lamp in advance.

Ais aisle: soft light to protect healthy sleep


You must have such an experience. In the middle of the night, you wake up to go to the toilet. As soon as you turn on the headlights, the strong light comes, and the whole person is sober on the spot. It is very difficult to fall asleep again, and it is easy to affect the family’s sleep. Especially when there are elderly people and children at home, it will be more frequent at night. If you install a floor lamp in the aisle corridor leading to the toilet, you can avoid these troubles. Of course, light is a very important reference factor, it is recommended to choose


Zhengtai infrared induction ground lamp

The light is soft and not dazzling, and the 4000K color temperature does not hurt the eyes when the lighting is guaranteed. Warm and comfortable, energy saving and power saving.

There is also a benefit of the aisle -loading infrared induction on the aisle. It is equipped with a five -hole socket and a daily vacuum cleaner for hygiene. Even the aisle has sockets. It is convenient and worry -free without dragging long wires.


Stairs: sensitive response to family safety

The duplex floors are generally populated in the family, and there are elderly people and children. It is inevitable to bump up and down the stairs at night. Therefore, the corner of the staircase can be installed with the infrared infrared response foot lights, which can greatly reduce hidden safety hazards. It can be sensitive and sensitive to large -scale, that is, safe, energy saving and power saving, and care for family health in all aspects, so that you have no worries.

Not only is it suitable for various scenarios, powerful functions, but also a variety of colors to choose from. Household decoration can be matched with different decoration styles.

At the same time, it has three modes: Changliang mode, induction mode, and closing mode, switching at any time to meet the needs of different scenarios. For example, the staircase can adopt a constant light mode, energy saving, safe and power -saving; induction mode can be applied to porch, corridors, toilets, convenient and worry -free; if you encounter long -term business trips or travel, you can also use the closure mode for convenience and safe. Zhengtai infrared induction foot lights bring not only worry about the family, but also the good quality of life.

Zhengtai infrared induction ground lamp