The sofa bed is a common multifunctional furniture. The advantage of folding sofa beds is that it can not only be used as a sofa, but also use it as a bed. The disadvantage of the sofa bed is that it is easy to cause damage to the spine and cervical spine. Secondly, the sofa bed is also difficult to clean, so it will be dirty after a long time. Choosing a suitable sofa bed can make full use of the advantages of the sofa bed and avoid the disadvantages of the sofa bed. How to choose the sofa bed that suits you? Let’s take a look at the main points of buying the sofa bed!

1. What are the benefits and disadvantages of the sofa bed

1. The advantages of the sofa bed

① Simple use, save space

When it comes to the benefits of sofa beds, there are a lot of really, first of all, it is to save space. The reason why the sofa bed can be transformed from the sofa into a bed is because of its folding design. Usually it looks like an ordinary sofa. It only needs to be slightly stretched to become a bed. For small apartment, the sofa bed is simply a “artifact”.

② One thing and two uses, sitting on both sits and lying

The sofa bed is both the sofa and the bed, and at the same time meet the needs of our sitting and lying. Intersection Usually watching TV in the living room, sedentary sofa is uncomfortable for a long time, as long as it stretches it into a bed, it is more comfortable to lie down.

③ Convenient for relatives and friends staying

Normally, relatives and friends visited, and wanted to stay for a night, but there was no room for room in my home, and there were no extra bed tools. I could only refuse my friends. However, if there is a sofa bed at home, it is convenient for relatives and friends to stay.

2. The disadvantage of the sofa bed

沙发床的好处和坏处有哪些 沙发床选购要点

① Great damage to the spine and cervical spine

The sofa bed is very practical and convenient, but there are actually a lot of disadvantages. In order to satisfy people’s comfort, the sofa bed is a soft material used in the fabric and the inner core. However, lying on the too soft sofa bed, it is not good for people’s bones, cervical and spine.

② Increase mites and bacteria

沙发床的好处和坏处有哪些 沙发床选购要点

The sofa is the protagonist of the living room. The frequency of use is high. People usually sit on the sofa watching TV and eating, which will make the sofa dirty more or less. In addition, when people go out, they return home, sit on the sofa, and the bacteria will be taken to the sofa. Over time, the sofa has become a gathering place for bacteria and mites. For those who sleep or sit on the sofa bed, the pollution of bacteria and mites is even greater.

Second, the main point of buying the sofa bed

1. Scientific and comfortable size

When choosing a folding sofa bed, do not blindly consider the appearance and color of the sofa bed. Its comfort is also very important, which is reflected in the size. The size of each part of the sofa should adapt to the curve of the physiological structure of the human body, which is in line with the principles of ergonomic engineering, so that it will be more comfortable whether it is sitting and lying.

2. The structure should be firm and easy to use

The frame structure is the “skeleton” of the sofa bed, and the solid framework is the basic guarantee of its solid and durability. If the sofa bed uses a wooden frame, it is best to unveil the base lining to check it. See whether the wood is smooth. The good wooden frame should not have a trace of insects, scars, and rotten.

3. The sewing of fabric depends on the details

Most of the current sofa beds are fabrics. When buying, it is best to choose a thick sofa bed with a thick fabric, so that the product is more durable. The latitude line of the fabric should be meticulous, tight, and smooth, without shots and connecting exposure.

4. Don’t be too soft in spring mattresses

Because the sofa bed takes into account the sofa and bed, the quality and comfort of the spring mattress are essential. The softering the spring mattress is better. The tactile soft and hard mattress can evenly disperse the weight of the human body, strengthen the support ability to the spine, and alleviate physical fatigue.