Safe and healthy lunch meat, lean meat and more flour and less flour


BY Gourmet Road Man Long



400 grams of front leg meat

2 eggs

Ginger 20g


Flour 20 grams

20 grams of starch

Water (used in flour starch) 120 grams

3 grams of salt

20 grams of oyster sauce

15 grams of raw soy sauce

5 grams of sugar

5 grams of white pepper powder

15g of cooking wine

Practice step

1. Meat+egg+ginger into mud

2. Starch+flour+water mixing into pulp into the meat three times into the meat filling

3. Stir in clockwise to the rustic sticky

4. Put in a container and compact

5. Cover the tin foil to prevent water from water

6. Steam on the heat for 60 minutes and let it cool.


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