During the spring season, it is time to take off the thick and dull cotton shoes and put on light single shoes. But is the little fairy who tangled with the shoes that look like?

No need to be tangled. Today, I will share with you a few single shoes for 2020 spring temperament, which can be fresh girls and fresh girls. Maybe I have new inspiration!


The retro square head reveals the cuteness in the serious, plus the shallow mouth of the show, which makes the people wearing wearing gentle and elegant. It is simply not to say this small single shoes! The texture of the mirror surface is shining and charming, showing a very high -level feeling! With a buckle with small pearls, a little careful, instantly added a bit of fresh and sweet girly atmosphere!

The color is black, beige and wine red, you can match it at will! Traveling, commuting, shopping and dating are OK! Especially wine red, with a noble temperament, the feet are really sexy and charming! What the male model is talking about it, the Internet celebrity experts are wearing it!


Girl pearl buckle+mirror PU material, pearl buckle, embellished on the upper, is full of layered sense and is full of girls’ hearts. Pork skin latex cushions, especially soft bombs, refreshing and breathable, feel that wearing it for a day, it may be cheered and cheered for a whole day!

In spring, wearing velvet shoes! In this shoe, the carefully designs takes the temperature to take care of the breathability of the instep, which is both retro and tolerant! Even the cool weather can give you enough peace of mind!

The double -layer bow will be sweet and cute to the end. The black is generous and solemn, which is very suitable for commuting! The haze blue is dreamy, extraordinarily white, the apricot color is simple and versatile, and the gentle temperament is immediately exposed!

The shoes that are soft enough to cry are enough to tolerate your little temper! After the soft craftsmanship is processed, you do n’t grind your feet at all. With the skirt or trousers of the same color, this spring will be so immortal ~

Pig skin latex is soft and breathable and resistant. Imported pork skin absorbs sweats and breathable, high -bullet latex shock absorption and stable, every step of walking is steady. 4cm horseshoe is stable and stable, guarding you on the road of the road, running towards your dream!


OL’s beloved black high heels in the workplace. If your job needs to go to the west to visit customers, then don’t miss these black high heels! Pointed element, with its own atmosphere of the workplace. Personalized belt buckle design, with a trace of handsomeness, the traditional combination of fluff and wrinkles PU, let the retro feeling sprint!


After the two wearing followers, you can give you a short gentle hometown after running. Poop PU and Velvet, zinc alloy locking hardware texture is more advanced. Pig skin+latex insoles, breathable sweat absorption, soft rebound, with a soft and comfortable foot feeling like a cloud. Fusion of pointed elements with a gas field to help you become the queen of the workplace!

Sexy small pointed, winning men’s hearts! Earth color system, simple and versatile, not easy to make mistakes, black and charming, and elegant beige. With simple jeans, wide -leg pants, skirts are filled with the atmosphere of gentle little women!

The entire design of the shoes is simple and neat, and the impeccable tailoring is even more tire of! The combination of generous buckle and pointed, the face value is moving!

Pig skin latex is a good manifestation of insoles, soft rebound, breathable sweat absorption, comfortable and not easy to stick to feet and alien, more fashionable and more fashionable and more important!


7cm is just right, more comfortable than fine heels! It is not easy to launch on the way, it is comfortable and comfortable, it can also increase and thin, stretch the proportion of legs, show feminine charm!


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