IT House News on April 17th, Lenovo’s official website has now been launched on the savior’s electric lifting table T7, priced at 2699 yuan, and sold on April 26.

联想上架拯救者电动升降桌 T7,售价 2699 元

According to reports, the Savior’s electric lifting table T7 uses a 1600N dual motor architecture, the lifting speed can reach 50mm / s, the dynamic rated load -bearing bearing bearing is 125kg, and the lift noise is less than 48DB.

联想上架拯救者电动升降桌 T7,售价 2699 元

The rescuer’s electric lifting table T7 uses 1400*700mm table boards, integrated triangular tables, three sections of lifts, ranging range of 68-128cm, and 20,000 fatigue rising tests.

Officially said that this computer table is 130-190cm tall and high memory of 3 gears, supporting blocking, children’s lock function and high limit.Users can also select cave boards, drawers and other accessories.

IT House learned that Lenovo will hold Xiaoxin and Savior’s new notebook launch conference at the end of this month, and it is expected to officially release this product at that time.