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Hello everyone, I am Hu Kankan.



Have you watched the wind -breaking movie? Riding on a road car, turning into a chasing boy, galloping in the spring season, I was very excited to think about it.

Many riders around me, why do I like to ride, most of my answers are for this reason.

Is it a highway car or a mountain car?

For example, bicycles are divided into highway cars and mountain vehicles, and these two models are compared. Because the threshold of mountain vehicles is low, the market share of the mountain vehicle market is much higher than the highway vehicle.


Advantages of highway cars: fast speed, winding wind, it is difficult for ordinary people with 1000 and 100,000 to distinguish. The riding sensory stimulation is strong, and the chasing teenagers are talking about this model. City riding is far away, and the exercise effect is good.

Disadvantages of highway cars: high prices and large investment, cars within 10,000 yuan can only be said to be able to ride. There is no shock absorption, and the demand for urban paving roads is high, and you must be very careful when you encounter potholes. The speed is as low as the same safety coefficient, and it is difficult to control the turning.

The advantages of mountain vehicles: low entry threshold, price -friendly, sufficient second -hand goods, suitable for any road surface, and the safety factor is relatively high.

Disadvantages of mountain bikes: slow speed, it is difficult to ride, it is difficult to have a feeling of galloping and high resistance.


In addition to cars, what do we need to ride?

After the bicycle is selected, the next step is riding equipment. This is a very broad topic, and then the equipment used on the body. These equipment include riding clothes, riding socks, shoe, glasses, gloves, kettles, code tables, cameras, taillights, and so on.

But what I want to say is that if you want to be a wind -breaking boy, the helmet is the most basic and important accessory. The helmet is a life -saving thing.

Why choose a bicycle helmet?

Whether it is ride on urban pavement roads or ride in mountains, the preferred equipment of the riding is the helmet. This is the most basic and most important equipment. In Europe and the United States, they have a strong sense of security, and they even have rigid regulations that riding a bicycle must wear helmets. There are still very few domestic bicycles and helmets, and if you ride ordinary commute bicycles or shared bicycles, and bring a helmet, it seems strange to make people look strange.

Everyone must pay attention, don’t be surprising, no matter what accidents occur in bicycles, as long as the head is protected, there will generally not be major accidents.


In addition, our country is still a large producer of bicycle helmets, but 95%of the production capacity uses foreign orders. In the future, I am optimistic that this domestic is aware of the improvement of cycling safety.

Helmet material

Bicycle helmet shells are usually integrated helmets. The shell materials are usually made of PC. Advanced helmets are made of polycarbonate or carbon fiber. The inside is equipped with EPS


Foam polystyrene material. The inner foam polystyrene is a core component of absorbing impact, buffering and protecting riders when accidents.

Helmet appearance design


Bicycle helmets are generally divided into highway cars, mountain cars, and commute cars according to their uses.

road vehicles

There are usually no hats, and there are many streamlined design as a whole, and high -end road helmets can be made very lightly.

The helmets of the mountains often have detachable hats, because the use scenario may involve the jungle of the suburbs, and the brim can block various branches such as branches encountered by the bellies. Moreover, the mountain car helmet will be designed less than the ventilation holes, and the protection and wrapping will be stronger.


The commute helmet can basically use the electric vehicle helmet instead. The shape is more rounded and the number of ventilation holes is small.

Here HELMETPHONE intelligent cycling helmet is suitable for mountainous/road dual -use helmets. It provides removable brims, which can effectively block direct light of strong light, and it is suitable for two different use scenarios of mountain/highway to switch at will.


Helmetphone intelligent riding helmet design is cool, there are many colors, and a variety of size can be selected.


Helmet formation structure

Bicycle helmets are mainly divided into two structures, integrated and non -integrated.


The integrated forming helmet is to put the shell material and EPS foam polystyrene material, put it in the mold for one -time stamping, the shell and foaming are a

No gap


Overall. The non -integrated helmet is to foam the forming EPS with the PVC shell and combine with glue. The cost of the two helmets is very different, and the overall strength, safety, workmanship, and appearance of the helmets are better than non -integrated helmets.


Number of ventilation holes


Helmetphone intelligent riding helmet is an integrated helmet. The design combines the design of air dynamics and ergonomics, providing 24 ventilation holes. When riding, it cools through natural wind to ensure that the cycling is dry and can effectively reduce wind resistance.



The weight of the helmet is naturally lighter and better. Most bicycle helmets are between 200g-300g. This helmet shell uses more advanced polycarbonate shells, which provides lighter weight and stronger protection.


Head and head circumference


Sometimes some foreign brands’ helmets are actually not suitable for Chinese head shapes. I didn’t expect it. because


The head shape of most Europeans and Americans is narrow back and forth, and the head shape of Asians is round. As a result


Many European and American brands are uncomfortable to wear the helmets in the European and American brands. They have their heads on both sides.

So it is important to choose a helmet suitable for Asians.

The three more common size S, M, L, each size of the helmet has a range value, and there will be a size regulator at the rear of the helmet to adjust freely after wearing.

The corresponding size range corresponding to S, M, and L is:

S: 50-54cm

M: 54-58cm

L: 58-61cm


At this time, you must first determine your head circumference size, use a soft ruler, and measure your head circumference around the head, such as 58cm, then choose L code. Helmetphone smart riding helmet is extremely comfortable after wearing.

Size regulator

The regulator of the helmet is located at the back of the helmet, allowing you to adjust the size freely until you shake your head.


The position of the regulator must be wide from the edge of the helmet, so that the rotor regulator will be more convenient.


A small number of helmets can also be drooping up and down to make high adjustments. Some brands call it 3D adjustment, which allows the helmet to better fit the head shape of different users and increase the comfort of wearing.

Lining & webbing

In the design of insect -proof nets, many helmets will be used, especially on the mountain car helmet. It is a bonus point, which is convenient to paste and disassemble. In order not to affect the wind breaking performance when riding, it can be quickly removed.

The inner lining is designed with a skull bionic protection system. The lining and sponge shape designed according to the endometrium shape can better make the helmet fit the head, which will not produce relative movement.

One of the helmet safety tests includes the ribbon tension test,


When an accident occurs


Not because of


Woven break


And the possibility of flying out of the helmet. But this situation does not happen now. The webbing and lock position of this helmet also include sponge wrapping, which improves the aesthetics, and wears comfort. It also stores the excess webbing.

The correct way to wear the helmet: After wearing the helmet, the bottom surface of the hat should be kept horizontal with the ground.

Smart helmet

The HelmetPhone smart cycling helmet has all the functions of the top helmets described above, and these high -tech blessings.


The helmet uses a magnetic charging method.


If you use Huawei mobile phones, or Hongmeng systems, the mobile phone opens Bluetooth or NFC, and connects Helmetphone intelligent riding helmet, and immediately prompts the helmet to connect. NFC chips are installed on the side of the helmet, which can be recognized with one click.


Flash control

This is the wireless controller of this helmet. When riding, it can easily switch music, telephone, and prompt helmet tail lights, etc. It is very convenient to use.

Smart light

This helmet is loaded with smart lights to provide active protection functions. With the flash control, send a steering signal through the helmet, and you can remind the car behind.

The helmet also has a built -in sensor. When a significant deceleration is detected, the helmet tail light will automatically turn into a high bright state, warn the rear to the car to achieve active safety protection.


High -quality Bluetooth speaker


This helmet integrates the Bluetooth outside speaker. Through the flash control, you can control played music, voice assistant, and answer the phone. Because it is not in -ear headphones, there is no isolation of the environmental sound, and it can also effectively improve the safety of cycling.



The helmet will automatically shut down after 5 minutes of static, and it will automatically turn on when the helmet detects the movement. And after the helmet is connected to the mobile phone, it will automatically alarm prompts if the distance with the phone exceeds 15 meters.

Smart life app


Through the smart life app, you can adjust the functions of the helmet, light mode, emergency contact and other functions. Through the smart life APP, check the real -time cycling sports data. The function of the motion code mentioned earlier, and the functions of the cycling watch are integrated here.

Various lighting effects can also be set through the app.

Active safety for help. When the helmet is impacted, after falling, the emergency contact will be automatically opened for help, and the app will also send precise positioning information.



Here I summarize, the bicycle helmet is the first choice of cycling. You must not be careless and safe. Every person’s head shape is different. Before buying a helmet, measure your head circumference size and choose a comfortable helmet. Bicycle helmets and cycling clothes are similar. In addition to the most important functional protection, it is also a very good decoration. HeelmetPhone smart riding helmet has the role of this decoration. It is placed on the desktop and adds color to me desktop. few.

Isn’t such a eye -catching article collected? Praise the three generations, follow the rich life! If you like it, like it, collect it, follow the three companies ~