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Watch this gradually cooling weather

my own

“Old cold legs”

I’m afraid I can’t stand it again

Look at


Light -legged girls full of winter streets

I really can’t help worrying about them



“The old roots of the tree are withered first, and the old legs are declining first”

The earliest problems of the legs appeared on the knee

The damage to the joints of cold gas is the greatest

Especially two knees

As one of the most exercise and the most load -bearing joints

With too many exercise tasks, it is particularly easy to have problems

It is difficult to walk when the old cold leg is cured

World Health Organization data shows,

Chinese arthritis patients have reached 120 million

The most important thing is that the disease is younger

Fourth in the prevalence of women’s prevalence

The eighth place in the prevalence of male

That is


Young women are more likely to suffer from bone joint disease

Young people always don’t pay attention to keep warm

Always chase my mother behind and shout

The phrase “wear more clothes” is used as the wind in the ear

Sitting at work for a long time, always keep a posture

The joints rarely get exercise

As you get older,

No problem is strange

Follow “hair loss” tightly

After the ranking of the anxiety of young people


at the same time,

Excessive exercise intensity

It will also have a significant impact on the knee

Sports will have such leg injuries more or less

Our ordinary people are like ordinary people

Running, football, basketball, badminton

Wait for strenuous exercise

If you don’t pay attention to maintenance, you will lose the knee joint

The knee joint is an important joint to support the standing and walking of the human body



It is also very fragile and requires our intention to protect it


Tema Lin spontaneously heating magnetic knees


Spontaneous heating constant temperature, magnetic therapy

Resist cold wind, lock temperature to keep warm


High bombs without pressure, flexing knee freely

Super thin and comfortable, not bloated

Easy exercise without pressure ~

Tomarine magnet deep hot moxibustion knee knee care


Each knee pads are neatly arranged 8 Tema Lin magnets


There are 16 knees in total every knee

Corresponding to the acupuncture points around the knee of the human body

Magnetic therapy is a more common medical method at home and abroad in the past ten years

my country has a long history of treatment with magnets

The earliest in the Han Dynasty

Sima Qian

“Historical Records of Bian Kang Cang Gong Biography”

There are records in China

“It has been found a natural mineral called” magnet “

With magnetic and cure diseases. “



“Compendium of Materia Medica”, “Chinese Medicine Dictionary”

Waiting in the famous pharmaceutical book


There are also many records of the prescriptions of magnetic disease


Is a kind of

Natural magnet

It is considered 5,000-755 million years ago

The lava sprayed by the volcano is buried underground

Acidic substances and crust changes

The pressure produced

Can generate permanent weak current

Similar to the current through human nerves

Be spontaneous heat, prompt blood circulation smooth


It launch

Far infrared

Can penetrate the lower layer of the skin, warm cells

Clear oxygen free radicals that cause the body

Make the body cells healthier and energetic




Relieve old cold legs


is acceptable


Prevention and treatment of knee arthritis, knee bone hyperplasia,

Joint pain caused by knee torch injuries, etc.

Swelling, inconvenient activity and other symptoms

Bamboo charcoal moisture absorption constant temperature driven cold

The knee joint is the most easily cold part


Mixing bamboo charcoal into the entire knee pads


Bamboo charcoal has a loose porous structure

Its molecular and porous


Can get wet and sweat with contact with the human body

Promote human blood circulation and metabolism, relieve fatigue

It absorbs the air and the human body exudes water gas

Drive the cold for our knees

This knee pad energy

Insulation lock temperature

The key lies in it

Warm fabric

Selected felt fabric

Not only is it soft and comfortable, but also the warmth is also particularly good

We let colleagues wear it

Under the temperature at 15 ° C outdoors

Knee padding

The left leg is always

Keep constant temperature at 38 ~ 39 ℃

No knee -wearing

Right leg

The temperature remains at 37 ℃


The warmth effect is obvious

Tomine magnets that are spontaneous and can emit far -infrared rays


Bamboo charcoal of hygroscopic and cold


Make your knees more conservation


The new generation of high -tech therapy

Young people are used to keep warm and prevent prevention

The elderly are used to eliminate swelling and pain relief

Let us stay away from the trouble of old cold legs

Wearing this


Self -heated thermostat knee

I feel warm for a whole day

Help you resist the external cold wind stimulation

At the same time

Can help you

Remove the cold in the body

Especially some friends who go to work

Wearing this kind of knee pads is better

High bombs, knee curved knees not tightly stretched


High -bouncing fiber fabric


can reach

Three times the time


Add 3D tailoring design


Both sides are fit, the curved legs are not tight, and there is no pressure to squat

Make wearing more comfortable and personal


Remove excessive pressure on the knee when sitting for a long time

Three magic stickers, fastened joints

The viscosity is lasting, the free adjustment is loose

Prevent rolling, avoid knee pad sliding

Especially during exercise, it will be more intense

Can better play the role of fixed knee pads

Ultra -thin breatha

This knee pads also have a question that girls are most concerned about

That’s it


The thickness is only 2mm

After putting it on, it will not look bloated

I can’t see the knee pads when wearing pants or leggings

Breathable fiber cloth

Light fabric

Wetting and breathable


The effect is also very good

Even high -intensity exercise

You can also be warm without boring

Waterproof Oxford cloth on the outer layer

Soft and resistant to the ball


Even if it is rubbing hard, there is no wear

It’s completely like a new one


The test report is complete


Quality commitment:

The company’s production function protective gear detection through detection agencies can produce far -infrared and negative ions; play a role in lowering the skin and healthy cycle of the human body; without radioactive harmful substances, which meets the GB18401-2010 (b) class.


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