It is difficult to maintain a sense of girlishness and love for the world, but Xu Qing has done a good job. She is 51 years old. She is so energetic that she appears before the public. Like the princess in the world. Xu Qing’s dress is also unique and stylish. How to let wear to cover up the age, let’s take a look at Xu Qing’s wonderful!

Hooded sweater

It is a common and indispensable item in daily life. Wearing a hat -connected sweater in winter can resist the cold and keep wind and warm. At the same time, the hooded sweater is both fashionable and functional, and it is the first choice for young people’s street movement.

Xu Qing followed the fashion trend, and chosen uniquely

Long gray hooded sweater

The very calm gray is low -key and the atmosphere is very in line with Xu Qing’s temperament, which will make the whole person’s temperament more dignified and elegant.


The length of the sweater has reached the position of the calf, which can be called a long skirt. Such a long sweater has the function of the top and lower clothes. Little fairy, simple and easy to wear, you can get it for two minutes.

Although it is

Long and loose version

However, in general, the sweater is very fitted. Xu Qing’s figure curve is still well displayed, especially the waist and hip ratio. The good figure is also enviable. The self -disciplined woman always gains.

Xu Qing chose a pair of black leggings and black thick shoes, and a shoulder shoulder bag was also selected on the shoulders. The overall is

Gray 灰 black

The combination of color is very harmonious and very low -key.

→ Belt Pants Exhibition Girl Heart


Without fear of age, many of Xu Qing’s dressing is still a very young girl Fan, wearing


Denim back trousers

She, simple

With a white T -shirt

This classic strap pants seemed to take us back to your youth, full of youth. Xu Qing is also very young, and her body proportion is particularly good. So the shape of the reducing and thin strap pants is quickly included in the pocket …

→ Simple and generous daily travel

Daily travel Xu Qing is generally simple and convenient, and will not pursue too much decoration and clothes. The sweater is indeed a single product she loves,

White loose sweater classic is easy to match

, Especially leisure and daily, the design of hoodes and plugging pockets is also very young, but she chooses


With a pair of black jeans and pointed high heels

The combination of this casual style and high heels is a little surprised. It neutralizes the youthful vitality of the sweater, making the overall shape more mature and stable.

Black -red -colored sweater 色 blue jeans

Make Xu Qing more chic and free, with some red all over the body, from glasses to sweaters to jeans, echoing each other. The neck on the neck has more highlights,


Black bib with down fabric

Fashionable and warm, this item is really practical and beautiful!


→ Come and stabilize the wind, come at hand


Xu Qing’s style of dressing is changeable, and she also comes with the age and elegant and mature temperament. The red inner high -necked sweater is eye -catching and dazzling, with a pair of black wide -leg pants, comfortable and thin legs, even more eye -catching is what she chose

Bright leather jacket

It is almost standard in fashion trends. The aura is full, and the thick -bottomed loose cake shoes are also matched with it, which has enhanced Xu Qing’s personal charm.


Winter hairy coat is an elegant item that mature women cannot resist. Its elegant and intellectual temperament is unmatched by other clothes.

Red hair niche coat


Sexy and hot, just the right belt highlights the waistline and good figure, and it is also good to divide the level.

With black boots

Walking on the road is a very beautiful landscape.

看完了许晴的穿搭,大家有没有发现会穿搭是完全看不出年龄的呢,同时穿搭尝试多种风格,还会有很多面的自己! I hope you can live with himself like Xu Qing …

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Xu Qing is really 69 years old? Wearing a long hooded sweater and walking the airport, fashion reduction is like a young man