Before riding every time


Check tire tire pressure

Check the brakes and lines

Confirm whether your crank setting is locked


Confirm whether you are locked, but you can’t be too tight

After each ride

Check if there are glass, gravel fragments and tire patterns on the tires.


Check the accuracy of the wheel group

Important mechanical parts on cleaning bicycles

Every week or every 320 kilometers

Oil on the chain (dry lubricating oil, or use wet lubricating oil when riding a high frequency)

Every month

Clean up the bicycle in complete, clean the transmission system if necessary

Check the chain and flywheel, check the degree of wear of the chain, and whether the chain is loose, you must change the new chain if necessary

Check the cable of the brake system and the transmission

Check some lubrication on the pedal and SPD shoes

Check if there is any omissions:

Tap screw


Sitting rod screw (or quick disassembly)


Transmission screw


Kettle frame screw

Frame installation bolt (thread fixed place)

Brakes and gear transmission cables

Brake, gear shift lever screw


Brake screw (no brake center)

Check the degree of wear and rotation of the tire smoothly. If necessary, please change it.

Every three months

Clean to bright bicycles can always ride faster and far away

Check whether the paint on the frame and the front fork is cracking or raised, which may indicate the structure of the car or partial damage; it is necessary to pay special attention to the welding area of ​​all frames

Check the bending part with visual vision: sitting, seat rods, faucet, brake clip and brake rod

Every six months

Check and adjust the bearings, pedals and middle shafts (if possible: some bearing seal can only be replaced, cannot be adjusted)

Per year

Disassemble and repair the car: Replace all bearings (if possible), if you ride more than 6,000 miles a year, you must replace all brake cables and gear transmission. In addition, such as ride or climbing drivers often need to check their bicycles more frequently and thoroughly.

Before each important journey, through professional inspection and adjustment is a clear choice, which will also make the journey more happy.


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