Disinfection towel owner transitions the first choice of one -time non -woven napkin produced by One Mei Medical Holdings

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In order to solve the various defects of the current one -time towels in the hairdressing industry, the One -Meimei Holding Team visited more than 2,000 hairdressing stores and the same market for the same market for more than 2,000 hairdressing stores and the test market. After technical development, material options, and product improvement were tested by more than 2,000 beauty hairdressing shops, they officially launched the most suitable one -time towel to the national market in October 2019 to the national market. To make towels, the shop satisfaction in the hairdressing industry and customer use experience launched the only one -time towel for hairdressing shops for hairdressing shops.

At present, the market pain points of the hairdressing industry: 1. Traditional towel cleaning and drying the sun High costs 2. High -time disinfection towel costs and sanitary conditions are troublesome. 3. Improper use of disposable towels to use incomplete hair, high cost, serious waste of waste, serious waste of waste, serious waste of waste

Yimei’s first -time environmental protection towel solves the pain points of the industry, setting off a new change in the hair industry

The one -meter one -time towel reduces the cost and save money for you to have an overwhelming advantage in price and quality in terms of price and quality.