Emerald is a green pillar with chromium and (or). It belongs to one of the four precious gems. The color is green, and is loved by the royal family and the major jewelry brands. It also occupies an important share in the domestic lottery market.


Facing emerald

In the past 10 years, grandmother


Increase 2-4 times


, Good color, high -graniment high -graniment gemstone is far more than this multiplier. In the past two years, due to the epidemic, the supply and demand relationship has changed a lot, the supply side is obviously tight, the purchase channels have narrowed a lot, and the price of emeralds has been on the rise in recent years.


About 3-4 % of the two years rose in two years


Facing emerald (the picture is provided by Muzuo’s emerald)

Many merchants said that in the first half of this year, the epidemic continued to affect, and the recovery of markets such as Europe, America, and Japan.

Emerald increased by about 10%.

Some high -quality emeralds, as well as some small boutiques, even doubled the price.

In addition, the popularity of emeralds in the domestic market has also greatly improved. Compared with the market only in key cities such as Beishangguang and other key cities, many first -tier and second -tier cities have become higher and higher.

Facing emerald (the picture is provided by Daslin Jewelry)

In the face of increasingly popular emerald markets, merchants and consumers are constantly entering, but in the daily purchase process, merchants have discovered that

Domestic consumers’ evaluation and price awareness of emeralds are different from international.

This is related to the preferences of Chinese people, and this difference directly reflects the market.

Muzuo grandmother

After years of understanding of the market, I found that most consumers have a certain misunderstanding of emerald, especially

I have misunderstandings about the unique crystals of emerald

They often use the standards of crystal stones to request the clarity of emeralds and do not know the price of emeralds, so there will be a large difference between the goals and the budget.

The picture is provided by Muzuo’s emerald


The scarcity of clean or oily emeralds exceeds the perception of most guests. Only those who find goods on the market every day can appreciate how rare is good emeralds, and oil -free is even more rare.

Under such circumstances, I will give sincere suggestions according to the guest’s budget. If guests want to learn more about emeralds, they will also popularize some knowledge. Of course, more education and promotion work also needs to be completed by authoritative institutions.

Shenzhen Berbel Jewelry Shenjin

In the past, everyone will


Perseverance in Muzo, Columbia’s place of origin, want oil -free and clean emerald

Essence Many educational institutions, including Guild, have the popularity of emeralds and the deepening of everyone’s understanding of the market. This situation has basically not appeared on the wholesale end.

As for the retail end, it is more rational compared to the previous years, but there are many new players entering at any time. Such a misunderstanding will continue.

Especially the problem of filling and filing treatment of emeralds, everyone is basically talked about oil color changes.


The market is constantly iterating, continuous learning, and continuous practice is the truth. Chinese people have strong learning and adaptability.

Dislin jewelry Hanbai

At this stage, domestic cleanliness is clean, and the middle and high -end goods with good colors are high. It is generally required for VVG and micro oil.

Consumers in production areas will pursue Colombia, Swat and other places.

The picture is provided by Daslin Jewelry

At present, Caibao is still in the initial stage in China.

It is difficult to understand why it costs money, the stones obtained are cracks and internal contents.


The popularity of Caibao knowledge requires the multi -dimensional efforts of practitioners. We should seize the opportunity of the development of the media in this era and promote emerald knowledge on each platform. Of course, this is not a day of work, which requires everyone to work together to start from the basics and spread the relevant knowledge of gems that need to be conveyed.

From the real feedback of the merchants in the market, domestic consumers have a more professional awareness of how to buy a high -quality emerald, but

Some consumers still have consumer characteristics such as “discussing oil color changes”, “origin control”, and “Muzuo Control”, which is not conducive to the healthy and sustainable development of the domestic emerald market.

How to evaluate emerald from a professional perspective and popularize the professional knowledge of emeralds are the responsibility and obligations as a gem appraisal agency. Next, we will

Important factor that affects the value of emeralds from optimizing treatment, color, origin, clarity, etc.

Start, talk about how to evaluate emeralds!



Because of the growth conditions and gemstone characteristics of emeralds, it often has the characteristics of cracking and abundant packages. Therefore, emeralds usually need to be optimized. The main types of optimization treatment include filling method, combination, and membrane treatment.

The most common thing is that it is accepted by the public is colorless filling treatment, which improves the net degree of emeralds.

80.45 carat emerald diamond brooch

It is produced in Colombia and has been treated with mild oil

The transaction price is 3,166,000 Swiss franc


On May 11, 2021, Sotheby’s Geneva | Geneva

Optimizing the grade of emerald can improve the quality of its crystals, and at the same time, it can also reduce the risk of crushing during wearing to varying degrees, so

Optimization of the clarity of emeralds is very necessary.

The degree of optimization of emeralds affects its market value. For the pavilion of colorless filling, the Guild Gem Labs divides the emerald charging degree as the following level:

-NO Indication of Clarity Enhancement


Signs of no purity optimization processing

-NO Indication of Cutting Process are present

It is a kind of oil -free emerald. See cutting and polishing residues in a small amount of cracks (probably penetrated during polishing)

-Indication of insignificant Clarity Enhancement

Very lightweight clarity optimization processing signs

-Indication of minor class enhancement

Signs of lightweight optimization processing


-Indication of minor to moderate class enhancement

Mild to moderate purity optimization processing signs

-Indication of Moderate Clarity Enhancement

Signs of moderate clarity optimization processing

-Indication of significant class enhancement

Significant signs of optimization of clarity

The more the filling level, the more the filled content is.

Different clarity optimization grades charge accounts for gemstones proportion diagram

For the pavilion of colorless filling, the Guild report is named “Natural Emerald” in the conclusion, and the degree of bidding filling in the remarks bar is divided into 6 levels: no none, extremely micro insignificant, minor minor, minor minor, minor minor. Slightly to medium minor to model, medium model, severe significant.

GUILD Gem Lab’s emerald test report sample, the oil volume is displayed mild



Due to the different types and contents of color ions, the color of emeralds formed in different geological environments is slightly different.

However, the place of origin and color is not necessarily connected. High -quality emeralds are not only unique to Colombia. Brazil, Afghanistan, Zambia and other places have top high -quality emerald green production.

Afghan grandmother green original stone (left); Pakistan grandmother green original stone (right)

Guild Gem Labs with emerald -supporting emerald -supported emerald color grading systems supported by emeralds.


The color level is divided into 5 levels:

-Light (light)

-Medium (Medium)


-Reamid (vivid)



Among them, Vivid represents a relatively high color of saturation and brightness.


GUILD Gem Lab Palace Emerald Color Color Color Terring System Example

Verdant Green

Verdant Green (Wharton) is the top color of a higher lightness and saturation in Vivid Green, which is the top color in the emerald color rating. The emerald that meets Verdant Green must meet the following requirements:

成 Color is a natural cause, reaching the Vivid Green level, higher lightness and saturation;

V The place of origin is not used as a factors for evaluation of Verdant Green. As long as the emeralds of any place of origin are of its hue, brightness, and saturation, it can reach the standard;

级 The level optimization level is no (None), insignificant, minor, and minor to model.

The difference between Wharton green and Muzo green:

Wharton green: top emerald color,

Unlimited place of origin

Muzuo green: top -level emerald color, limited to Columbia’s place of origin


The major mining areas in the world have emeralds with top colors, such as Brazil, Zambia, Afghanistan and so on.

In the test report issued by the Guild Gem Lab, the color level is marked in the column of the Color Grade, which is divided into 5 levels: light (light), medium, intense, vivid, deep (deep) To.


When the emerald color reaches Verdant Green (Wharton Green) level, the color grading is vivid Green*(gorgeous green*) in the emerald report, and trade name is marked below the photo: Verdant Green (business name: Wharton green). The report attached page further explains Wharton green.

Emerald Test Report Affiliated Page


Place of production

The quality of the place of origin and emerald cannot be equal

With the continuous mining of various mining areas and the continuous exploration of new mining areas, high -quality emeralds have emerged in various origin, and are no longer unique to Colombia. Brazil, Afghanistan, Zambia, Ethiopia, Pakistan, India and other places have produced many high -quality emeralds.

Pakistan emerald

The characteristic parcel under the microscope has identification significance for the judgment of the origin of grandmother green nude stones. For decades, Guild has been committed to establishing and improving the gem database, and has traveled to the emerald mining area many times to collect a large number of rough stones to ensure the accuracy and reliability of gem identification and origin judgment. Laborators can determine emerald origin based on the characteristics of emeralds and parcels of different producing places.

At present, the grandmother produced by Guild includes: Colombia (Colombia), Zambia (Zambia), Brazil (Brazil), Afghanistan (Afghanistan), Pakistan (Pakistan), Ethiopia (Ethiopia), India (India) and so on.

GUILD Gem Lab Pakistan (Swat) emerald origin report sample

Small producing areas: Colombia (Muzo) (Muzo), Colombia (Chivor), Colombia (GACHALA), Afghanistan (Panjshir), Pakistan (Swat) (Swat) To.


The report attached page further explains the small produce




Speaking of the clarity of emerald, we must say gem rating Vibrant-brilliance,

For colored gems with good cutting, clarity, and crystal quality, Guild will give Vibrant-Brilliance evaluation.




What exactly does Vibrant-brilliance refer to?

Color gem quality influencing factors include color, place of origin, and optimization treatment. In addition to the above points, the quality of transparency, clarity, cutting and crystal itself is equally important.


Guild has a relatively comprehensive identification grading system for color grade, optimization treatment method judgment, and origin judgment of the color gemstone. In order to evaluate the quality of gems more comprehensive and provide consumers with more accurate quality judgment basis, the Guild laboratory launched Vibrant-Brilliance quality rating.

A pairing emerald for face -to -face

Vibrant-brilliance means that gems have appropriate cutting, high transparency and clarity.

Suitable cuts, high clarity and transparency these can ensure that the light of the gemstone is captured as much as possible, thereby showing the vivid and dynamic colors.

Vibrant-Brilliance is a separate rating project for color gemstones, which is not related to other gemstone evaluation items (gem types, colors, business names, optimization treatment, etc.). As long as the gemstone reaches Vibrant-Brilliance, the Guild Gem Lab will give it a evaluation of Vibrant-Brilliance.

In the report, the emeralds who have received Vibrant-Brilliance rated rated, will marked below the gem photo: SPECIAL Comment: Vibrant-Brilliance, and there are also reports to explain vibrant-brilliance in detail.


GUILD Gem Lab Payon Emerald Test Report Sample


In the attached report, vibrant-brillian




国内祖母绿市场日新月异,在选购一颗祖母绿过程中,并不能以某个单独的因素去评判祖母绿的好坏,价值评价需要综合考虑祖母绿的颜色、优化处理、产地、切工、 Multiple factors such as clarity and crystal quality.

As a general buyer, it is difficult to ensure that the most accurate judgment can be made. In addition, the quality of natural emeralds is uneven, and the synthesis of imitation is endless. Therefore, when purchasing, be sure to choose or ask the merchant to issue an authoritative appraisal certificate, which is the only scientific proof of ensuring the quality of the grandmother’s green.

Facing emerald

Facing emerald

The picture is provided by Muzuo’s emerald


The picture is provided by Daslin Jewelry