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League of Legends has servers worldwide in many regions. When fist games open the servers in these regions many years ago, they will launch the skin of opening service as a celebration. For example, Special Forces Planck is commemorating the opening of the Brazilian server. The highest fist Li Qing is the opening of the Thai server. The snake hair demon Casio Poya is a commemorative service of the Greek server.

As for the opening skin of the Korean server, it is the Korean style of Aju. In fact, even the hero of Aju is part of the service activity of Hanbok.


Ari is a hero developed based on the nine -tailed fox development based on Chinese and Korean mythology. The code -named ARI during the development was ARI. Before Aju went online, fist games held a voting activity in South Korea, allowing Korean players to vote from 6 names to vote. One of the names of a new hero, in the end “AHRI” has the highest votes, which means “elegant” in Korean.

Hanbok officially opened on December 12, 2011, and Aju appeared on December 13. Today, the nine -tailed demon fox is about to usher in the 10th birthday of the rune.

In the past few years, Ari can be said to be a national -level hero in South Korea. Even when the overall winning rate is very low, Aju’s appearance rate at the Hanbok is also very high. Because there are many arcades in South Korea.


Of course, the fist game also gives this scraping queen enough respect. Aju has gained a lot of skin and has become the captain of the K/DA group. Shitly appear.

In order to commemorate Aju’s 10th birthday, the fist game decided to host a special celebration for Aju in December. They first updated the skin art map of Aju Gauli style.

This skin that is worth only 10 yuan in the national service has obtained a new art painting. Ari wore traditional ancient Hanbok on the eaves. In fact, the Goryeo style Aju skin is the first skin in the history of the League of Legends, the first skin to have a new dance. Earlier, the dance of the skin was dance with the heroic skin.

In addition, the fist game South Korea also prepared a series of events. From now on December 10, when Korean players use the Kakao recharge point coupon, each account gets a 10 % discount. All the skin of Ari can be purchased at half price from now on December 8. The heroes and skin related to Ari enjoy 50 % discounts, including K/DA, the guardian of the Star and the soul Lotus.

It seems that Ari’s charm is too great, even the other characters of the Summoner Canyon came to celebrate his birthday.

In addition, the fist game will also host a charity “LOL Donation Cup”, which is divided into two parts. The first is a show competition composed of former professional players and anchors. 16 players anchors formed 4 teams to compete for 6 million won bonuses. In addition, 5 million won donated to charity in the name of Ari.

The second is the online open game. Players who are 12 years old can sign up. No matter what you are, the competition is divided into 8 groups, and the first group will advance to the knockout match.


The more people register for the competition, the amount of good money donated by fist games will increase. After the player team completes the registration, he can get rewards such as skin, expressions and guardians, and participate in a lottery qualifications regardless of winning or losing.

The prizes include DK.Khan’s uniforms, K/DA audio singer Miyeon/Soyeon’s singing suit, and Korean anchor GAMST key mouse set. The team that was promoted to the top 16 won the Ari Memorial Gift Pack, and the champion team won a special trophy and bonus.

The registration time of the LOL donation cup is from now to December 10th, the qualifiers are from December 11th to 12th, and the knockout period is from December 16th to 18th. Whether it is a show or an open game, it will be broadcast live on the official channel of the fist game. The good funds raised in this competition will be donated to the Korean public welfare organization “Fruit of Love”, which is used to support young adolescent programming education. I have to say that Ari is really a national -level hero. This treatment is also unique among 157 heroes.