Recently, Gentle Monster’s Huawei smart glasses were officially launched.

1999元起!华为联名GM智能眼镜开售 极简风无任何物理按键

Huawei Eyewear Smart Glasses were released in April this year. This series contains a total of five models, namely Smart East Moon 01, Smart Jack Bye 01, Smart South Side 01, Smart Alio 01 and Smart Alio C1. The first two are smart sunglasses glasses The latter three are intelligent optical glasses. South Side 01 is 1999 yuan, and the remaining four are 2499 yuan.

The smart optical glasses on sale, which are Smart East Moon 01, Smart Alio 01 and Smart Alio C1, are consistent with the previous.

(Video screenshot)

Gentle Monster smart glasses are developed in cooperation with the Korean Gentle Monster glasses brand. It uses minimalist calculations without any physical buttons. The antenna, charging module, double microphone, chipset, speakers and batteries are integrated in the mirror legs, and mirror frames and lenses Can be replaced.

Glasses in the inside of the spectacle, users can answer the phone by double -clicking the mirror leg. At the same time, the glasses also have a charging bag. The glasses can be used to perform wireless charging. It is the world’s first device that supports NFC -free charging.

In addition, Eyewear smart glasses can waterproof. One charging can be sustainable or playing music for two and a half hours. It can also cooperate with Huawei mobile phones for interactive operations.