The word Bauhaus means simplicity, modernist style, minimalist design, now young people are more and more pursuing the Bauhaus style, the home improvement should be simple, the clothes need to be simple, and the watch should be simple, so the simplicity becomes fashionable. Exclusive definition of young people. It may not be characteristic at first look at it, but it needs fine products. Simple beauty is the best definition of beauty! Let’s talk about what are the recommended watches in the Bauhaus style? Whether in the times, simple and never outdated!

Let’s talk about Switzerland A.B.ART, which is the main watch brand of Baohaus style. Watches designed for young people. For a fight, it is very suitable for young office families and students.

A.B.ART -Swiss young designer watch


Swiss watches are the most guaranteed in word of mouth and quality. Secondly, this is a designer brand. It has not been established for more than ten years, but it has a unique style. Several series have won the International Design Award.


Brands are sometimes fashion lines and smart lines. The fashion line is mainly based on quartz watches, advocating minimalist Bao Hausianism. The design is not exaggerated but very simple and unique. Each surface has a sense of design and details.

This FD series has won the German Red Dot Design Award. You can view the week and month calendar in the dial. The overall effect of the responsible design is still very simple, very designed.

A.B.ART FD jumping some calendar


The FR series is a classic, the main is still fashionable and simple. The leather strap, the large disc is very stylish. With the blue pointer, the personality of personality.

The FB series is also very simple. It integrates new elements on the classic dial and is suitable for wearing any occasion.

Bay -Classic Nordic Design Representative


It is also an European watch, a watch brand from Denmark. It sells well in Europe and the United States, inherited the Nordic minimalist, and each watch is high -cold and temperament.

The price of thousands of yuan, but the quality is very capable. The sapphire mineral glass mirror surface is used to resist and fall, which is rare at this price.

Belgian tide card Komono

Komono focuses on the design concept of retro and avant -garde, pursuing the trend of personality, and is loved by the majority of young groups in Europe and the United States. As far as men’s watches are concerned, Komono’s design gives more people to the cool experience, which is in line with contemporary tide cool youth’s pursuit of tide brand fashion and shows personality.

And Komono’s women’s watches are more retro style. In the retro trend, girls’ demands for watches will be more equal to jewelry such as necklaces and bracelets, and Komono’s lady’s watch is almost satisfied This appeal combines retro style with the current trend trends, and continuously enlarges the fashionability of the watch.

Therefore, from the perspective of Komono’s design, their watches almost satisfy the pursuit of modern young people’s opponents. If you like it, you may wish to see it.



Triwa is artistic, so Triwa’s watch is still very eye -catching. It is also very suitable for young people’s pursuit of personality. A watch that is not easy to collide with others is the publicity of personality.

From the perspective of girls’ pursuit of fashion, Triwa is also different from other brands in the design of women’s watches. With a more atmospheric color matching and design, the fashionable charm is highlighted. It can reflect the taste and temperament of girls, especially in line with the pursuit of beauty of contemporary young women.

Aãrk collective


AãRK Collective is an emerging watch brand from Melbourne, with a neutral style and advocating simple and practical design concept. The inspiration of their watches comes from simple geometric patterns, so you can see a lot of interesting geometric elements in the dial, simple but not monotonous.