Netizens asked: Recently, the weather has become hotter and hotter. I bought a sunscreen on the Internet and planned to wear it when I was going out. But my husband laughed at me and said how these thin sunscreens could be useful. I immediately felt very worried.

So do you want to ask for sunscreen?


There is now a “anti -ultraviolet functional fiber fabric”, which is made of ultraviolet absorbers and related textile raw materials into a spinning anti -ultraviolet fiber.

The core technologies of those thin and light sunscreens and sunscreen shawls are the fabrics.

That is,

Using professional sunscreen fabrics, not only light and light, but also the effect of sunscreen.

However, sunscreen clothes are similar to ordinary clothes. How can I buy reliable products?

The inspection staff of the Guangzhou Fiber Product Institute suggested that it is best to choose products with “UV products” and related protection coefficients marked on those clothing labels.

According to the National Standard GB/T 18830-2009 “Evaluation of Textiles and UV performance”,

UV protection factor UPF> 40, and long wave UVA <5%,

Only the passing of UV products.


Let me talk about the significance of these numbers: these numbers:

When the UPF value is 40, it has 1/40 ultraviolet rays that can pass through the fabric. The larger the UPF value, the better the sun protection performance.

When the UVA value is 5%, it means that only 5%of long -wave ultraviolet rays can pass through fabrics. Long wave UV penetration is relatively strong. The smaller the UVA value, the better the sun protection performance.

It should be noted that if there is no logo for anti -ultraviolet products on the sunscreen label, but the merchant shows a bunch of “test reports”, it must be careful, because such reports are actually easy to deal with fraud through pictures.