The end of the Tokyo Olympic Games is imminent. In the past 16 competition days, the bright performance of the Chinese delegation in various projects has become the focus of hot discussion among Chinese people, and with Chinese athletes, the “Champions Dragon Series” of the podium will also gain The attention of all parties. Nandu reporters noticed that the designer of the Chinese Sports delegation’s prize service in the Tokyo Olympic Games is the first Chinese winner of the well -known visual art master and the Oscar “Best Art Design” award.

On June 25, 2021, the “Champions Dragon Series” appeared in Beijing for the first time. On the day of the press conference, Ye Jintian introduced that when designing this collar service, he abandoned the use of specific elements such as dragons, the Great Wall, and Panda. The oriental image of the space expresses the state of “essence and energy in one” in Chinese martial arts, which looks polite and extraordinary.

In addition, this set of collar uniforms should take care of the functionality while ensuring beauty. Ye Jintian spent a lot of energy to study human lines and structures, and it is also very particular about the materials of clothing. A variety of functional materials were used. It has been polished for nearly 4 years before and after, this set of “champion dragons” that concentrates the traditional cultural heritage, beauty and high -tech in concentration of Chinese traditional cultural heritage, and witness in the Tokyo Olympic Games. The highlight of Chinese athletes.


Nandu reporters learned that Ye Jintian graduated from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. In 1986, Ye Jintian, who had just stepped on the university campus, was introduced by Hong Kong director Xu Ke with painting works, and served as art design in the movie “Heroes”. After this work, Ye Jintian appeared in the Hong Kong film industry and cooperated with many well -known Hong Kong directors such as Xu Ke to leave a number of classics in the golden age of Hong Kong films.

Since the 1990s, Ye Jintian turned his attention to the Mainland and Taiwan, leaving unique printed notes in the fields of movies, TV series and stage dramas. In 2001, Ye Jintian became the first Chinese winner of the Oscar “Best Art Design Award” with the movie “Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon”. It was also since then, Ye Jintian opened his design style of “New Orientalism”.

The wonderful “Beijing 8 minutes” at the closing ceremony of the 2004 Olympic Games is the common memory of the Chinese people. At that time, Ye Jintian also served as art design.

This “Champions Dragon Services” is undoubtedly another masterpiece of Ye Jintian. When talking about his creative style of “New Orientalism”, Ye Jintian said, “China has been affected by foreign cultures, and we need to re -study and return to back. From the source, we can find our central axis. At that time, we no longer divide the West or the East. We only need to take our own way and we will find our future. “

Writing: Southern Metropolis Reporter Weng Anqi