Purcell 2021.11.08 Elf update category:

Elf Name: Esptu

Elf attribute: electric flight


How to get: Challenge

Elf Category: Activity Elf

This Friday’s main elf can be known without explicit attributes. It is that the comprehensive strength is good. After coming out, it is the same as last week. It is the kind of attribute with no mechanism. If it is a electric system, it can be entertaining at least, and the attributes are still in the current advantage. Either flying a single attribute, it is also a word to be completely dismissed, but the dual attributes are very general.


From the image, this insect feel is a bit similar to the previous plot of the previous plot in 2018, that is, the attributes are different, and the former is a bit close to half people. The latter is a pure beast, but it is even more domineering in the general style.

Elf Name: Map : 称

Elf attribute: Ancient grass


How to get: Buy to get obtained

Elf Category: VIP Elf

I did not expect that a monster could have such treatment. When will I arrange Pippi for me? There is also a fairy ball in the swamp. I have to say that this method of Taomi is still possible. If the monsters are so dry in the future, there are not many elves? If it wasn’t for the company, this feeling seemed to be going to run for low -priced and fast sales methods.

After the advanced, the highlight of Mapu was amazing. Such an elf was placed in the early 2014-2015, and it is estimated that there will be a lot of people who buy it. Because such elves can be said to be human. Without the front of the front, the existing elves characteristics are basically all lost.

Elf Name: Sandroji

Elf attribute: light

How to get: exchange

Elf Category: Drilling the Elf

The feeling of counterattacks was successful, and the short legs became long legs, but it was regrettable that it became a drill. But this is also difficult to say. If you may have good strength, it is still possible. It is a form. If the diamond elf, you have to spend money to buy it. The requirements are not large. As long as the strength of Long Sang is enough, it will not be possible to have a low level of Longga. At least there is a appearance rate.