(1) Look at the material


General plastic baths are mostly environmentally friendly food -grade PP, TPE and TPR. TPE and PTR are actually similar, but TPE will be better. The inflatable bathtub is mostly PVC. If you choose the inflatable model, you must buy high -quality. Tips: Look at it: See if the color is evenly heard: Whether there is a pungent odor: The solid and durable bathtub will generally be thickened, and the weight will not be light. Light cornering reduction.


(2) Look at the style

Bathture: Generally, 0-3 years old. Choose a matching bath and a bath, the newborn can be used at the beginning. Bath bucket: Generally, you start to use it after half the year. However, there are now use it from birth, supporting bath pads or baths. The longest period of use.

(3) Seeing safety

Whether the structure of the bathtub is safe; whether there is a non -slip design for contacting the baby’s body; whether there are non -slip foot pads or non -slip pedals, etc., will affect whether the baby will slip.

(4) See if it can be folded


If it can be folded, it greatly reduces the space to occupy and is particularly friendly to families with smaller toilets.

(5) Functional temperature temperature function

The temperature meter with temperature meter or a temperature -changing piston can master the water temperature for novice mothers. Lock temperature insulation function: Increase the lock design or cover the lock. Drainage function: reduce the trouble of pouring a whole pot of water out of the parents, and can easily pour out the plug. Show and groove design: Increase convenience with head pillow: Baby hair is more convenient.


(6) Look at the brand


Needless to say, it means better quality guarantee and perfect after -sales service. If you buy online, you can choose self -employed or flagship stores.


(7) According to the price

Buy in accordance with the self -budget, but one penny and a penny will choose the best within the scope of economic tolerance.