If you want to choose a clothing that best shows the beauty of Chinese clothing and feminine temperament, it must be cheongsam.

Women wearing cheongsam are really beautiful, and the elegant beauty contained in cheongsam

Essence I believe that many exquisite and elegant women are very interested in cheongsam culture and related selection.

Xu Fan is still so beautiful,

Wearing white cheongsam is very figure

, Mature, elegant, not pretending to be tender. As a classic national style clothing, cheongsam is really very beautiful


Although the cheongsam is a very picky clothing, the gas field is really atmospheric. Xu Fan has never become old. Not only does his body go away, even the cheongsam is very perfect. She wore it.

The cheongsam design is very simple,

But elegance does not reduce age.

Cheongsam style appreciation-

Cheongsam is a traditional costume of all Chinese women, and even known as women’s national costumes and the national essence of China. It is also comparison of modern Chinese clothing.

Out of the circle



Welcome to the world.

The style of the cheongsam is constantly changing, so

The history of cheongsam also

It is very long, with a classic beauty of cultural infiltration. Classical cheongsam is generally on both sides, stand -up buckle, and body sleeves. It is a relatively slim design. The collar and placket and sleeve of the cheongsam

There are many types

The more common collar types are ingots, round necks, Shanghai collar, and Fengxian collar. The more common plackets include single, double plackets, diagonal plackets, etc.

Cheongsam style recommendation-

Mid -sleeve standing collar printed cheongsam:


With the changes in people’s aesthetics and their own demand for clothing styles, cheongsam is constantly incorporated into fresh designs. These styles retain the cheongsam itself


Qi Charm and iconic Yuan

Sucai, adding fresh, modern elements.

The more classic cheongsam style is generally

Long model of self -cultivation,

This style shows the figure, but in daily life, you can try a more loose style. This


The loose design can cover up some shortcomings on the figure, making the overall temperament more harmonious.

You can also try a more friendly design of your body, a relatively loose middle sleeve. This sleeve can effectively cover the flesh on the shoulders, and it looks more classic Chinese.

There are actually many collar design and placket styles in the cheongsam, but if you want to be more modern, you can try a design without a buckle. In terms of details,


It is usually matched with exquisite prints or embroidery,

Print or embroidery

The choice of the case can be selected according to the color and temperament of the clothing. For example, if it is a white elegant clothing, you can choose the decoration of the red plum. This decoration and

The white background is very good,

It looks like a sense of cold and noble.

Lian Rewers sleeves obliquely printing cheongsam:

The classic cheongsam is always the most beautiful, and it is the best display of oriental women


Ganful and elegant charm

Essence This kind of cheongsam is more slim, the purpose is to fit the woman’s

Body and curve,

It looks soft and beautiful with the long -style silk cloth.


Traditional cheongsam requirements for styles and details are relatively high, so this kind of cheongsam looks more delicate, and the design of necklines, plackets and cuffs is more classic.

The more common necklines are Shanghai collars. This kind of standing collar will make the neck look more straight, and the body is more upright and pretty.

The placket is oblique, and the small and exquisite buttons will look very beautiful.

This kind of summer cheongsam is generally designed with shoulder sleeves. The cuffs are suitable for the clothing of the clothing as a whole.

Small and exquisite shoulder -lined and exquisitely make the whole lines of clothing and shoulders look softer.


In addition to the relatively large prints of the cheongsam, this cheongsam is more suitable for evenly distributed floral design. The floral style will look more small and jasper, and the overall temperament will be a little more elegant and restrained.

Cheongsam color recommendation-


Pink cheongsam is more suitable

The color of young people is also

A color that is more suitable for trendy style, this color will have some

Romance and playful

The taste, so you can try a more fashionable and refreshing style when selecting styles and details, such as sleeveless design.

Sleeveless cheongsam is a more modern style, and it can be displayed well

The line of the shoulder,

This kind of cheongsam will have a beautiful and cute feeling. At the same time, the sleeveless design will also focus the visual focus on the skirt itself and the body’s main part, so you can add more on the cheongsam



For example, it looks very gorgeous and avant -garde but without losing charm

The decoration of lace and pearl, this

The translucent texture will make the cheongsam a sense of unruly feeling and sexy taste, while the decoration of pearls adds some gloss and layering to the cheongsam, as well as the romantic and sexy and sexy of young girls.

Young ladies try it ~


The gray cheongsam is a more handsome style in Chinese -style clothing.

This color has a very chic and freehand feeling like ink and ink Danqing.

So you can try long models when choosing a gray cheongsam. This style will make the overall temperament as tall and tall as a pine or bamboo, with a kind of


The solar terms that are not fell.

Cheongsam selection small details-

The style of the cheongsam is in the fashion industry,

Unique beauty and elegant temperament, can

Make your aura more advanced. But the design of the cheongsam is generally tight, even if it is not

Tight -fitting


After combining the soft satin fabric, it is easier to expose your figure.

Therefore, when you choose cheongsam, you must not only close your abdomen, but also remember the upright posture, so that it is not easy for yourself to look ugly.

The patterns on the cheongsam are all


Retro style, big

Choosing the style of the style of the Chinese painting style will make yourself look more stable, but if the pattern you choose is partial

For modernization,

It will make yourself show the aura of the country, which is very atmospheric.

So do you like this cheongsam skirt with a strong national style? As more and more people like Hanfu, the cheongsam also restores a sense of fashion, making people feel comfortable.