When it comes to “Clouds”, most people think of the first time they are soft and cure, and of course they must be as soft and light as clouds! I love the teenager series “cloud girl” bra, light and comfortable, care for the delicate skin of each girl!

Aimer Junior admires young cloud girls in the first stage of developmental small vest

I admire the young clouds series of small vests in the first phase of the girl series, integrated woven seamless weaving craftsmanship, seamless, less friction, and more comfortable to wear. At the same time, the fine weaving process is used. The finished fabrics are soft as clouds, thin and delicate, and personal skin.

The first stage is suitable for the girls who have just begun to develop (9-14 years old), delicate hair grinding patch+cloud coasters, super soft feel, gently care for girls in development, and avoid bumps. The design of the shoulder straps of the work of the work, the wearing stable and comfortable, the sense of restraint is small, and there is no pressure to run during class sports!


Aimer Junior admires the teenager cloud girl second and third stage girl bra

I admire the teenager Yun Duo Girls ‘Second and Third Phase Girls’ breasts, stronger support, and more suitable for girls who are in the middle period (12-16 years old). The chest mold cup adopts a three -dimensional mold pressure process, which reserves a reasonable space for space to meet the needs of changes in the breast dimensional dimension of girls in the development.

Adolescent children have a large amount of exercise, and they often run during class exercises and physical education. This girl’s bras are particularly widened with double -layer bottom fences to prevent the stability from raising their hands without compressing the breasts and supporting the healthy development of the chest. Give the shoulder strap like QQ sugar, soft and glutinous, and stable and comfortable to wear; V -shaped shoulder straps design can prevent the shoulder embarrassment even if the exercise is.

The branches of the teenager Yun Duo girl series are recommended with Yun Duo girl trousers, light and non -restraint, no loose tightness on the waist, soothing elasticity, flat and no trace. I admire a sensitive girl who gentle and developing with comfortable underwear!

About brand:


Aimer Kids is a children’s underwear brand of Aima Group. He insists on integrating love into the design, and uses professional, healthy and fashionable positioning, pure and refreshing design style to develop high -quality underwear to grow with children.


Professional, healthy, fashionable

Professional: Inherit the experience of admiration for 28 years of professional underwear, design and develop for children’s physical characteristics. Careful carving from materials, versions, and craftsmanship to meet children’s daily wear needs.

Health: It is characterized by healthy materials, pure, refreshing colors, and concise design of children’s underwear, and carefully care for children’s physical and mental health.

Fashion: The beautiful swimsuit and wearing products, through the fashionable version and childlike pattern, meet customer needs.