In the summer, many girls will put on cold sandals, but generally style sandals will expose the skin of the feet, and it is easy to dry. After the summer, your feet may be exposed to a sandals ~ And ordinary ordinary Sandals will also show their toes. Although casual, it will affect the temperament.


This year’s super popular Baotou shoes can satisfy the coolness of sandals, even versatile than sandals, and more fashionable and design than single shoes.

1. Light mature Bao Tou shoes wear

If you are a girl around 25 years old, then when choosing the style of Baotou shoes, you can choose leather -style Baotou shoes. You can improve your temperament when you walk.


When matching this fashion version of bags slippers, you should also choose fashion clothes, such as haltern skirts, shirts or hip skirts, etc., can make you look temperament and capable.


Second, casual Baotou shoes wear

If you like casual clothes, or when you travel during the holidays, you want to wear a pair of comfortable and fashionable shoes. This canvas style is very suitable, because the canvas style naturally matches casual clothing to look good.

In the hot summer, use the green canvas Baotou shoes with a striped dress with the same color, which is comfortable and cool on the upper body. If this canvas models are replaced with white or black Essence

Whether you wear a casual clothing style or a stylish style, you can wear a different temperament, and the Baotou canvas shoes are more age than ordinary canvas shoes. Even mature women wear it. It will not be abrupt.


Third, office workers Baotou shoes wear


If the company you go to work does not have high requirements for clothing, there is no uniform clothing or shoes, you can choose this pointed design Baotou shoes. Although it is a slippers design, the appearance looks really similar to high heels.


The pointed shoes are full of stylish styles, and they are also very temperamental. With a small heel behind, they have the charm of women like high heels.

However, this kind of Baotou shoes will be much more comfortable than wearing high heels. It will not be tired for a day of walking. You can match professional clothes or fashion suits yourself. Wearing you can make you elegant and fashionable.


Fourth, student Baotou shoes wear

Now there are many young girls who like the retro style very much, and in sandals, this type of woven sandals of the Baotou is relatively classic retro shoes. It is said that it is a sense of college. It is relatively suitable for young girls.


It is paired with a pair of light -colored socks, or the socks of the same color with the same color are beautiful. Walking on the street is also very highly recognized, and this kind of shoes are relatively loose because its roots are not high. Very comfortable, very friendly to girls with poor foot type ~

The style of Baotou shoes is more than the above. The materials are different, the heels and the color design are different. Wearing it is different styles and characteristics. Regarding the above -mentioned Baotou shoes and sharing ? If so, please leave a message below to share and discuss it ~