The finals are in full swing. Tomorrow Bucks and Sun will usher in the battle of Heavenly Mountain!

This year Baller heard that the solar champion was relatively high. I believe there is a large reason because of the old guns. Of course, many fans like letters and Booker. So this time I designed a Paulbak exclusive T, which is very individual to rush.

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Basketman Sports T -shirt Men’s Summer Round Bidth Cotton Short -sleeved Trend Basketball Training Brack Paul Speed ​​Dry

¥ 68



1. Short -sleeved design

First of all, after getting the clothes, the big pattern on the chest is in the eyes. This time Baller adopts the form of cartoonization. Printing the avatars of Paul and Booker on the clothes has a great recognition. More special is that the green skill bar under the player is very individual. Team cultural shirt.


Second, the version of the clothes

Because it is summer, the clothes are short -sleeved, letting everyone wear fearless high temperature. The casual and loose version, the material is light and not bulky and not tight. Playing and fitness can be worn, so that our movements are unbounded. Round neckline, vertical clothes hem, wearing more stylish.

Third, the matching of clothes

It is usually possible to exercise with ball pants. Black and white color matching is very versatile. You can also wear daily leisure dating. You can wear denim, workers and leisure in the lower half. The sports style is full of sports. Girls can also wear it, and they can choose to play with a big size and miss, very Nas.

Fourth, the fabric

The biggest feature of natural skin -friendly fabrics, comfortable long cotton, is the soft touch and comfortable wearing. The thick fabric is stiffened with texture, wearing breathable, and it is not easy to deform. It has the function of absorbing and sweating, let your skin breathe deeply, and you are not afraid of walking outdoors.

5. Details of clothes

The round neckline is convenient to wear and take off, spiral thickened treatment, and it is not easy to deform for a long time. The clothes also have a certain elasticity, the precision wiring visible to the naked eye, the carefully customized is not easy to take off the line, the quality is guaranteed, so that everyone can buy it and dress comfortably.

Good wear, good -looking, fun, and commemorative significance!

Call your friends to start with your friends. After watching the game, you can also wear the same paragraph together. The atmosphere is done!