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Hi, everyone, I am a radish, a straight man, a white strange. This time I talk to you about the choice of middle -aged men. Decathlon is worth buying.

As a standard post -90s, the material conditions were not allowed when they were young. The biggest dream was to have a pair of Nike or Adi. At that time, I did n’t know what AJ was, what was sharp steps. My classmates told me that I could go to the tiger to see, there are discounted Nike or Adi, the first pair of Nike spent 300 yuan a huge sum of money (don’t laugh, at that time, the monthly living expenses were 600 RMB, and the price of pork was not broken.) Buy it.) Buy it.) Buy it.) Buy it.) Buy it.) Buy it.) Buy it.) Buy it.) Buy it.) Buy it.) Buy it.) Buy it.) Buy it.) Buy it.) Buy it.) Buy it.) Buy it.) Buy it.) Buy it.) Buy it.) Buy it.) Buy it.) Buy it.) Buy it.) Buy it.) Buy it.) Buy it.) Buy it.) Buy. Dunk basketball shoes, to be honest, there is nothing special with Li Ning and Anta, maybe the money does not spend in place? Men are nice to themselves. In the years of graduation, they bought Peton gloves, AJ3 and other basketball shoes.

15 years of work changes, less and less time to play, and more and more working time. I also encountered my other half. After 3 years of love, I was successfully married. At this time Drugs are more and more Buddhistic, and they do not pick brands. They are cheap and durable. Speaking of Decathlon, I have heard that this brand is good before, straight men like it, and the price is cheap and cost -effective, but I have no specialty stores in my three -tier cities. Finally, in 2019, it comes. For the first time I went to Decathlon, I had a fierce operation. After checking out 35, my daughter -in -law was very happy. I said that I will come to Decathlon in the future.

, The thighs can’t hold the arm, who makes us hurt the daughter -in -law, we can also play with a limited budget! Talk about the hard goods produced by Decathlon I bought:

Product 1: 19.9/piece of cotton short sleeves

This can be said to be the treasure of the town shop of Decathlon’s house. It is comparable to the Tom Danny, Roms, Dragon Arts in the station. However, at home, home, out, and exercise can be worn, and cotton fabrics are very comfortable. There is a small disadvantage that after 3 months of wear, it will be a bit of the ball, from the experience of middle -aged men.

You can buy it in the store according to your own situation. You can also buy it online. Buy it in the store 19.9/piece. The online shopping is 79/4 free shipping. If online shopping is recommended to buy with other small pieces, such as socks, gloves, etc. These things are not expensive, but postage is not suitable.

Commodity 2: Quick -dry T -shirt (29.9 yuan)

The original price of 39.9 is 39.9 short sleeves. Now it is 29.9. This quick drying is still possible. It is not the same as pure cotton. It is really good for sweating and sweating. If you exercise, the quick drying is a little embarrassing, sweating too much, and the clothes will be tightly attached to him.


Commodity 3: Quick -dry T -shirt (69.9)


The first two are the basic models that have no design, so this one is a very Decathlon design style. The shoulder and the armpit are a mesh breathable structure, which is convenient for moisture during exercise. Bring, students who like night running can also buy, it is safer, the goods number is full, there are size from 120 to 230 catties, the upper body effect is also good, let go of my upper body photo

After 30 minutes of the elliptical machine, my body is soaked


Commodity 4: Basic sports shorts


The Decathlon Tmall flagship store is out of stock. I had to use the link of the Decathlon Mall. This shorts were worn by me. Decathlon’s shorts are not stuck. There are three colors, gray, charcoal, black, and black. This shorts have one. Interesting design, there is a small pocket in the internal test on the left side of the waist. Putting a key or a lighter is just right, so that it is convenient to go out lightly in summer. It doesn’t matter if you wear a little goal for 3 months.

Commodity 4: sunscreen

The same is only the Decathlon Mall. In summer, the worker must also protect the delicate skin. This sunscreen is light, UPF 40+, light and compact, and repeatedly won the windproof hiking jacket. The L code weighs 110 grams. Effectively wind and sunscreen, suitable for wearing when outdoor hiking.

Translation adult dialect, good sunscreen effect, thin and thin, two pockets are very large, can put 10 mobile phones!

Commodity 5: Long -sleeved T -shirt

Perhaps from the perspective of Decathlon, a few letters on the clothes are designed. It is really a straight man thinking. I used to ask a friend to ask Decathlon long sleeve T or the bottom of what are the recommendations. I said that I wore this short sleeve. 49.9 Purchased, the original price of the official store was 79.9, but the discount was also 49.9 for a year. The black and white gray classic color, the main fabric 63% cotton, 34% polyester fiber, 3% spandex, no static electricity, no ball, wearing wearing Comfortable, buying two pieces for base is very good.


Commodity 6: sports pants

It is also a Tmall flagship store without stock. It is purchased at 99.9 yuan in the store. It is suitable for wearing in the late summer and early autumn. There is a mesh ventilation hole in the back of the waist. The zipper, you can safely put the mobile wallet in the mobile phone, the foot version, the wearing is very simple and neat. The most important thing is that it is not stuck. It is recommended to try it.

Commodity 6: Polysmanship


This is my first dress to enter Decathlon, which comes from online shopping. At that time, I paid the postage stupidly. Tmall flagship store was 49.9 yuan. It belongs to the basic velvet. Many, I wore a fleece in winter and put a down jacket for winter. Speaking of the disadvantages, the breathability is slightly worse. If the sleeves are often stunned, it will be relatively loose.

Commodity 7: Velvet jacket

This velvet jacket is a frequent visitor recommended by the homepage in the site. The common price in the store is 79.9, the lowest 64 activity of the Double Eleven has been bought. It is appropriate to wear it in spring and autumn. With a pair of work pants, you are a beautiful spiritual guy, saying the shortcomings. The quality is not as good as before. There are some sparse places in the velvet. You can see the bottom of the mesh, but this price is still invincible. It is recommended.

Commodity 8: Add pants (69.9 models)


That’s right, this is the frequent visitor on the homepage in the site. Big, I can’t control the big, too loose, so there is no version at all, it is quite warm with velvet. This pants are a big defeat of Decathlon. Buy freight insurance.


Commodity 9: Ploves charge pants

I recommend this pants that I wear from autumn to the present. At present, only the store and the official mall are sold. Waterproof fabrics. Do n’t worry about it when you encounter rain and snow in autumn and winter. However, the inner thighs use elastic fabrics without delaying activities. This is a baby I found in Decathlon physical store. The price in the store is 199.9, and the price is slightly higher, but it is definitely worthy of this price.


Commodity 10: Warm navigation jacket


It is also a hard product on the homepage on the site. I heard that two years ago 139.9, this year’s daily price was 169.9 yuan. When I started, I was 144.4 yuan. The waterproof performance is good. The 5000mm specifications can basically ignore the precipitation below the rain. The two pockets are not small. It is more than enough to put a mobile phone and put the cigarettes. The autumn is very warm and there are disadvantages. 1. The inside is too easy to get the ball, which is the one that is endless. 2. The breathability is indeed a bit worse. It is not suitable to do strenuous exercise while wearing, otherwise it will be water on the back.



Maybe every teenager’s dream is different, youth is infinitely good, but when there is a family in middle age, with children, we need to fulfill our family responsibilities. It may be your destination. Generally speaking, it is a less amazing brand, and the products are also simple and boring, but this is exactly its characteristics. Is the next Decathlon powder?