With the rise of marathon events across the country, its influence has continued to expand, and the popularity and attention of the public have become increasingly increasing.

At the beginning of 2015, Hangzhou runners Kong Mukuang, Sun Xintong, etc. launched a crowdfunding plan for the book “As long as running -the story of the 108 marathon runners”, which received a positive response from Hangzhou runners, and in September 2015 Published smoothly. On this basis, the story of “Just Run -the Story of the 108 Marathon Runners” (second series). We adopt a voluntary application to solicit the target of marathon enthusiasts at home and abroad.

This essay event was run by Hangzhou runner Kong Mukuang, Sun Xinsong, Run Bar.com, Lu Aite (Shanghai) Sports Management Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Lutter Sports Culture Planning Co., Ltd., Kunshan Duowei Sports Co., Ltd. Jet Outdoor Products Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang Administration of Industry and Commerce Press together are jointly sponsored to make more people feel the enthusiasm, beliefs and positive energy of the marathon runner, and let more sports enthusiasts together to promote the booming of marathon sports in China. Development contribute a force.

If you have an inexplicable bond with the marathon and have to tell, you can tell us your story and let more people taste your sweetness and bitterness.

1. Essay requirements

1. Your running story must be original and not published in any media (including newspapers, magazines, WeChat public accounts, etc.). Once you find that the essay works are suspected of plagiarism, you will be eligible.

2. The article requires that there is a sense of true feelings, the language is refined.

3, 3000-4000 words.

2. Essay time

The solicitation activity continued from April 19, 2017 until May 31, 2017.

3. Essay awards

All submission authors, no matter whether or not they are in the end, they will give 1 Onetll Marathon pocket for free; if your essay is finally hired, and also freely given the official publishing book “As long as you run -the story of the 108 marathon runners” (second second “(second Collection) 2 books, and awarded honorary certificates.

Fourth, submission requirements

Applicants please send the essay Word document with your own photos (requiring more than 1m) by attachment, and leave real names, 200 -character personal profile, detailed address and contact number. The editorial department will tell you whether the manuscript is hired within half a month after receiving the email.

Submitted mailbox: sunjiU1969@163.com, please indicate the work of “Runner Story”. Consultation telephone 18968075372.